SA Video Link to Mediation in Another State - What to Do?

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26 March 2019

I got a pastor of the Seven Day Adventist church. She put IVO on me with false allegations that I phoning her. I show phone records proving this but now she got interim orders on me because the magistrate ignored my evidence (magistrate has been reported to JCC) and I have to go now to other states of Australia for the court hearing and mediation with her. The magistrate police are telling me to get a lawyer to represent me.

I was ringing lawyers and they are all telling me I must go to other states where the court hearing for mediation is and find a lawyer over there, but being a student, I cannot even afford to travel go tother stateste to find a lawyer and to attend the court hearing for mediation with her.

So I rang lawyers in the other state where the court hearing will be, to get help from legal people to organise a video link for me so I can attend the court hearing mediation by video. Now this lawyer is in another state where the court hearing mediation is going to be. He is telling me I have to speak to the lawyers where I am living and going to university to getting some help in organising the video linking to the courthouse in another state at the time of court hearing mediation.

Now I am confused here and do not know what to do about all this. In India, it's not so confusing and pretty straight forward. Can someone help on what can I do next, please, on how to organise this video link from the state I am living in and attending University to another state where the court hearing is for mediation, please?

I don't know any more what to do next or who to speaking to even. Thank you. Namaste.