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  1. kimbapuppy

    VIC Magistrate court audio recording for use in Family Court

    My ex made false allegations in her application for a full IVO against me that also suspended the Final Parenting Orders made a month prior to the issuance of the IVO so that she gains full custody of the children so that she does not have to pay any child support. I have obtained the audio...
  2. D

    QLD Less Adversarial at Trial - Am I Making a Mistake?

    Firstly, thanks to those contributing to this forum. You've been an enormous help as I've read through other people questions and answers. I have a trial date coming up in the format of a less adversarial trial. The advice here has helped me come to my decisions on how to approach the Final...
  3. M

    QLD Magistrate wouldn't change court date

    Hi All, If you seek an adjournment in the magistrates court then the magistrate gives you a date, and you say that you cannot attend due to it being in same day as Federal Court Matter, his response was, "well if you fail to show up I will have an arrest warrant issued for you"... I ended up...
  4. Adam Mertz (Mertsee)

    SA Lying a About De Facto Relationship - Help?

    Basically can a family member lose their house through another's false allegations that they were in a gay relationship with my family member and living in the house with my family member for over six months until my family member locked them out of the house? After changing the locks, none of...
  5. PhanniIndian

    SA Video Link to Mediation in Another State - What to Do?

    Hello, I got a pastor of the Seven Day Adventist church. She put IVO on me with false allegations that I phoning her. I show phone records proving this but now she got interim orders on me because the magistrate ignored my evidence (magistrate has been reported to JCC) and I have to go now to...
  6. P

    NSW Is a magistrate able to refuse a hearing?

    I have an upcoming conciliation conference for property settlement of which the other party has prolonged and avoided at every opportunity. I am not expecting him and I to reach any agreement and I suspect he will refuse to accept what the magistrate suggests and take his chances at a trial. Is...
  7. U

    TAS Car in Police Custody - What to Do?

    My car has been clamped by the police indefinitely (4weeks ago) due to someone I know driving it who has a disqualified drivers licence and had been intercepted by the police driving it 3 times in the last 12 month period. Please note I was not the driver of the car that committed offences...
  8. J

    NSW Overturning ADVO After Assault Conviction is Quashed?

    I recently had a conviction for common assault quashed after an all grounds appeal. In the appeal hearing, the magistrate decided to give a Prasad direction. The resulting ADVO from the original hearing, however, is still in place as the magistrate stated she did not have jurisdiction. Given...
  9. J

    NSW Speeding fine - 30km - 45km - Guaranteed loss of licence?

    Hello Folks, I was pulled over by a police motorcycle and advised I was travelling between 30km-45km over the limit in a 70km zone. I haven't been pulled over for speeding in 14 years and was surprised I didn't receive a paper ticket, though he said the camera (pointing to his chest) was...
  10. G

    VIC Intervention Order - Help with Further and Better Particulars?

    Hi all, I currently have an Intervention order that I intend to contest. At the last hearing, through my duty lawyer, I requested further and better particulars and the magistrate granted this. He set a date for this a little over a month before my directions hearing, and this date has now...