NSW Property Rights to Dispose of Property Left Behind?

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John McMillan

8 November 2016
I've just got some great tenants staying in our holiday rentals unit. They stayed around 4 to 6 weeks. The tenants are a lady my wife put there on a verbal agreement with her baby and 13-year-old daughter. She said she was applying for a rental house, so she brought bags of clothes and cott, etc.

Anyway her man, well that's what she called him, but it's debatable if he's a man, but he showed up. They paid for 4 weeks but then stopped paying. He left her there, then I kicked her out. But I now have property left in the shed. She's saying that there was more property than there actually is, but still hasnt come to pick it up.

What are my property rights? Can I throw her stuff out? I've had text messages of threats to kill me if I get rid of the property. The man has texted me as well staying I'm dead if I get rid of it to, so I went to the police.

I found out he's a wanted man with warrants everywhere, but as I had no address for them I can't put an AVO for my wife. Not worried about me, but I can't keep their property.

Please help me with some knowledge of my rights. Office of fair trading can't help either. Please help me