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Rent control in Ontario refers to a system of rent regulation in Ontario, Canada which limits the amount by which the rent paid by tenants for rental accommodation can increase.

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  1. I

    VIC Landlord wants to increase rent significantly or otherwise evict my friends... is that allowed?

    Hi, My partner and I are on the lease since February this year (on fixed term 12 months agreement). In mid-May, I have 2 friends (they are a married couple) who got their permanent residency and newly migrated to Melbourne. They have been staying with me while they find their feet and settle...
  2. K

    NSW NBN Co $300 fee - tenant or landlord responsible?

    Hi everyone, I recently moved to a brand new unit on 01/10/2020. When I tried to setup internet, I was told by the internet service provider that I need to pay a $300 "New Development Fee" apart from a one-off activation fee and monthly charges. They claim that this is for internet...
  3. W

    VIC landlord came to inspect without notice

    G’day, I was just curious of where the law stands on this; My landlord gave me a notice to inspect my room, which they can do so every 4 weeks (s137(e) RTA), but they never showed on the date the notice states. I didn’t get a reason as to why or any heads up. Then out of the blue they knock on...
  4. A

    NSW Residential Tenancies Act (2010)

    Hi, in the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) there are references as follows: (a) Otherwise than as a result of a breach of an agreement, destroyed or become wholly or partly uninhabitable, or (b) cease to be lawfully usable as a residence Is there any kind of definition or common...
  5. CrispyOz

    NSW NCAT - Definition of Occupant?

    Several acts refer to an 'occupant' and/or 'occupancy', however I see no specific definition in any of these acts that define exactly who is considered an occupant. I'm referring to the strata schemes management act, freehold development act, real property act residential tenancies act and the...
  6. Scruff

    NSW RTA - The Correct Interpretation of Crimes Act?

    Hi all, newbie here, so I hope I'm in the right place. My question relates to s307c of the NSW Crimes Act: 307C False or misleading documents (1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person produces a document to another person, and (b) the person does so knowing that the document is...
  7. C

    NSW Is the Month-by-Month Tenancy Agreement Valid?

    Hi All, Our fixed term tenancy agreement ended last August (2016) and we entered into a 'month-by-month' agreement with our landlord. The term of the agreement is: "Month-by-month providing 30 days' notice when ending the tenancy agreement". Only a start date is listed, no end date and I signed...
  8. Z

    NSW Agent Refuses to Release Rental Records - Any Recourse?

    I’ve been renting a property for 18 years. Recently, I requested the real estate agent to provide me with rental records for the whole period of my tenancy. The agent released a rental ledger for the last 6 years. The agent refused to release any rent records from the earlier time claiming that...
  9. P

    SA Residential Tenancies Act - Is Landlord Liable for Break-in?

    Hi everyone, Is the landlord of a home liable for the cost of possessions that are stolen from their tenant due to a break-in? Specifically, because the tenant was robbed due to the locks on the property not being maintained (as they are required to do - Residential Tenancies Act 1995). They...
  10. gordonc

    QLD Does Trespass Invalidate Notice Served?

    If a notice served under the Residential Tenancies Act by trespass, does the trespass invalidate the notice?