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In the Vedic religion, Ṛta (; Sanskrit ऋत ṛta "order, rule; truth") is the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it. In the hymns of the Vedas, Ṛta is described as that which is ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the natural, moral and sacrificial orders. Conceptually, it is closely allied to the injunctions and ordinances thought to uphold it, collectively referred to as Dharma, and the action of the individual in relation to those ordinances, referred to as Karma – two terms which eventually eclipsed Ṛta in importance as signifying natural, religious and moral order in later Hinduism. Sanskrit scholar Maurice Bloomfield referred to Ṛta as "one of the most important religious conceptions of the "Rigveda", going on to note that, "from the point of view of the history of religious ideas we may, in fact we must, begin the history of Hindu religion at least with the history of this conception".According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, Ṛta is "the word from which the Western notion of right is derived."

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  1. W

    VIC landlord came to inspect without notice

    G’day, I was just curious of where the law stands on this; My landlord gave me a notice to inspect my room, which they can do so every 4 weeks (s137(e) RTA), but they never showed on the date the notice states. I didn’t get a reason as to why or any heads up. Then out of the blue they knock on...
  2. Scruff

    NSW RTA - The Correct Interpretation of Crimes Act?

    Hi all, newbie here, so I hope I'm in the right place. My question relates to s307c of the NSW Crimes Act: 307C False or misleading documents (1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person produces a document to another person, and (b) the person does so knowing that the document is...
  3. H

    NSW RTA - Am I Responsible for Damages?

    Hey everyone, Had my car taken by someone who crashed it into a guard rail. And over year later, I get a letter saying I owe RTA $8508. And if it is not paid, I will be taken to court. Am I responsible for damages, even though I wasn't driving; it was just because it was my vehicle.
  4. S

    QLD RTA Withholdinng Bond Due to Mistake in QCAT Order?

    Recently went to QCAT and court to get the bond matter sorted. All went very well - the court ordered that our bond be given to us. Then I get an email from the RTA saying that they have received the court order from QCAT, but (always a but) there is no order instructing the monies be paid from...
  5. A

    QLD Signing of Rental Lease Agreement?

    Hi, Long story short, I will explain in details if required. However, just a question if this lease agreement (contract) is valid. If the renew lease agreement is offered and signed (witnessed) by the lessor on 1/1/2017, and the tenants signed (witnessed) 29/1/2017 which is 28 days after, am I...
  6. L

    NSW Refund of property holding fee after no RTA sign by estate agency/landlord in 7 days

    Greetings, Situation: Let's say there is a property for rent in NSW. I applied for it and my rental application was approved by the landlord. After that the estate agency (on behalf of the landlord) proposed me to pay a holding fee (equivalent of 1 week rent payment) by bank transfer to mark...
  7. L

    QLD Lease - Claiming Unpaid Rent as a Co-tenant?

    Our housemate abruptly left 3 weeks after telling us she had bought a house midway through our lease and continued to pay rent for a month, but then stopped and failed to replace herself. She remained on the lease until the end of the term, and we had to pay her part of the rent in the meantime...
  8. Brodie440

    NSW Queries on Traffic Infringement Notice and Drivers Licence Suspension?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question to do with traffic infringement notices and license suspensions. So back in last July, I got a speeding fine for 55km in a marked 50km zone. This caused me to lose my drivers licence for 3 months starting November when I paid the fine. During the period between...
  9. J

    NSW Scammed by Car Dealers - Pursue Through RTA?

    Good evening; Can someone please help with my enquiry regarding a vehicle I purchased privately a short time ago. It is a 2010 Corolla Accset? At the time of inspection, I did not notice any issues with the car as it had been raining but it drove and handled fine. I agreed to buy the car but...
  10. S

    QLD Adding Additional Terms and Conditions to RTA Agreement?

    I am a landlord signing an agreement with a potential tenant. Besides the standard RTA agreement, I would like to add additional terms and conditions. Can anyone help review and see that it will be a valid agreement, or help where I can get some pointers on this matter.