VIC Left Behind Property in Rental and sold Housing?

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2 September 2014
Hi there,
Just wanting to know what is the law regarding left behind property in a rental or sold house and tenants rights - ie shed full of junk and some sellable items. Or house etc. Scenario real estate agents have asked for the properties removal. Tenant or owner can't be bothered or has told real estate agents to get rid of it themselves or they show no interest in the left behind property. In that case, if employed to "clean up" is that property legally the removers' property once they clean up the discarded property? Thank you in advance.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi mozza,

Have you had a look at "Can I dispose of other people's belongings?"

In brief, if you know who the owners of the property are, write to them and inform them that "they have property belonging to them on your property/land and allow them 30 days to collect the property otherwise they will be taken to have abandoned all rights to the property and you shall gain full rights to the property and shall dispose of the property and keep all proceeds or use the property as you see fit". Sign this letter and send it to the owners.

If they have already said that they do not want the property and for you to dispose of it, then you should ask them to put that in writing. Then, you can do with it what you like.
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