NSW Eviction and Dispute with Co-Tenants - Recourse?

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30 May 2015
Hi everyone,

I currently am a co-tenant to renting a property with two other international students. However, recently, we've been given a notice of eviction (due to late rental payments) at a certain date (28th January 2017). As I'm currently overseas, I requested to the agent if we could extend the date to a later period as I am yet to return, and was granted with an extension to the 15th February 2017.

However, it was to my knowledge that the other two co-tenants afterwards were unwilling to extend for the extra period and requested for to the prior date in which eventually the date was changed to the 4th February 2017 as the agent stated that the dates can't be constantly changed with the landlord. As a result, the two other co-tenants were unhappy with the decision of having to pay for the extra 8 days of rent (from the 28th Jan - 4th Feb) and expected myself to pay for the combined 8 days of rent.

Due to such circumstances, I have asked my boyfriend to vacate all my belongings and contact the agent in regards to what are my possible options I could pursue in paying for the extra 8 days of rent as the two other co-tenants were unwilling to pay together. The information that I've been told by the agent is that due to the fact that the three of our names are signed into the contract, it is by law that the three of us are required to pay for the rent and if it is not paid by the due date, the three of us will be given a Tribunal Hearing which may affect our credibility to rent other properties in the future.

Additionally, I have tried to come to an agreement with the two other co-tenants but they're hesitant to pay and threatened to take legal action on me, despite informing them that if the rent is not paid, the bond will not be returned. The agent also stated that I could potentially pay for the full amount by myself and later contact the Office of Fair Trading so that way I can get the bond back (which will be transferred to an elected account) and recover my excess amount through the two other bonds.

I would appreciate if anyone can give me some legal help or perhaps some action I can take in response to this as I am worried that I will be blacklisted in future for renting property.

Many thanks
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