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    QLD Can Apartment Managers Deny You Access to Your Legal Residence?

    I'm renting in a pretty new high-rise apartment building. Most of the building is managed as a hotel/ airbnb by the on-site management/reception. The lift requires a security fob to access most floors. We're all human, there are instances where I lock myself out. There are master keys for cases...
  2. N

    Contractor and redundancy entitlement

    Hi, my employer is going to engage a contractor in the capacity of BDM, and currently working on the agreement, however he is unsure if this contractor will be entitled to any redundancy payment if his service is no longer required in the future. Hope you can assist. I understand the agreement...
  3. S

    WA Contractor with Restraint of Trade - Opinions?

    My daughter worked as a Contractor for a Company in the Fitness Industry. In September, she and another contractor had an idea to start their own part time business for fitness in early mornings/ late evenings outside the workplace. They have a clause: Exclusivity - The parties agreed that...
  4. K

    QLD dodgy fencing contractor how to break the contract

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I entered into a contract with a guy who advised me he would build me a boundary fence and 2 side returns. The contractor attended on day 1 and then buggered off and has been hard to engage since. After him not showing on day 2 and only able to call him...
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    QLD Orders to Make Payments on a Debt Not Being Complied?

    Hello, Background: I am the creditor in a very long debt battle where I am owed a significant amount of money from a deposit from work that was put down and the contractor then disappeared. I have been through qcat and got a judgement. This went unpaid and I filed it with the magistrates...
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    NSW Small Claims Court - Rural Fencing Contractor Matter

    My brother is a fencing contractor in a country town in NSW. A very successful and well respected rural fencer in the area. Late last year he attended a job and offered a ESTIMATE to build a wild dog fence on a property. The job was to remove a small section of fence and install a new fence in...
  7. K

    QLD Building Contractor took large deposit and did almost NO work, how can I retrieve the deposit?

    We hired a contractor to do pool surrounds for us and paid him ( foolishly) 50% of the anticipated cost of the job. He performed around 5% of the work and then vanished , never to be seen again. $2700.00 was paid to him and he probably did about $500.00 worth I see that he has a facebook page...
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    VIC A contractor ran over my dog causing injury

    I enlisted a fencing contractor to make some adjustments to our current fencing. He was required to enter my property to do so. Prior to engaging him I introduced him to my dog who always greets visitors at the gate (we live on 1 acre). When he started he didn't book a particular day or time...
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    ACT Can I Join Client Company as Contractor?

    Hi Experts, I was employee of Company A in India. The company A sent me on deputation to Australia to work for client (company xyz). That time I was on 457 visa and there was a Non-Compete Agreement in my deputation letter which my Company A had signed with me when I was in India. The clause...
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    NSW Child Support Overpayment - What to Do?

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with child support overpayments? Long and involved story - but my ex husband believes I owe him $15k in overpaid child support as in the first couple of years of our separation, he overestimated his income. He actually didn't - it was...