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A vacation rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. The term vacation rental is mainly used in the US. In Europe the term villa rental or villa holiday is preferred for rentals of detached houses in warm climates. Other terms used are self-catering rentals, holiday homes, holiday lets (in the United Kingdom), cottage holidays (for rentals of smaller accommodation in rural locations) and gites (in rural locations in France).
Vacation rentals have long been a popular travel option in Europe (especially in the UK) as well as in Canada and are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

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    VIC Damage to Property - What Can Landlord Do Under Property Law?

    Firstly, I acknowledge I did not write-up an agreement with this person who I trusted and considered a friend. Secondly, I am too trusting in people and I acknowledge I am too generous and kind. I am learning to say no, that's enough! My 'friend' and I agreed that she could occupy my home at...
  2. M

    QLD Price Change of Holiday Accommodation - Australian Consumer Law Rights?

    Hi, I have recently been looking for accommodation at the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games in 2018. After emailing over 30 places, I received a quote I was happy with. I rang the managers of this complex to discuss further, and agreed on a price and paid a $500.00 deposit and they sent...
  3. J

    NSW Property Rights to Dispose of Property Left Behind?

    I've just got some great tenants staying in our holiday rentals unit. They stayed around 4 to 6 weeks. The tenants are a lady my wife put there on a verbal agreement with her baby and 13-year-old daughter. She said she was applying for a rental house, so she brought bags of clothes and cott...
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    QLD Holiday Rentals - What are My Rights Under Australian Consumer Law?

    I booked my annual long stay holiday through a real estate agent and asked for a 20% discount. The agent checked with the owner and advised me a few days later it was accepted. They sent an official confirmation with deposit details and confirming that 20% discount was applied. The next day...
  5. F

    Camper Van Holiday Rentals - Bad Condition but Rental Company Denying Refund

    Hello, I'm from Germany and spend my holiday in Australia last year. We hired two campers from a big Australian company for 8 and 28 days, 36 days in total. During our trip, we had a lot of problems with those campers: 1. Hire, Darwin, 8 days - Interior not cleaned, rubbish in bed - Build in...
  6. B

    QLD Pay for Holiday Rental Accommodation Repairs?

    Hi, we recently returned from a trip to queensland. A day after our return we received 3 emails stating we had damaged the property (holiday rentals). There were 3 items mentioned that we were accused of damaging. One of the items looked in good condition but when we used it, it fell apart. I...
  7. B

    WA Christmas Accommodation Deposit Refund Dispute

    I am a permanent resident of Australia. My family back in Africa wanted to come and spend Christmas with me this year and booked private accommodation in Rockingham, WA. They booked in May 2014, and paid a deposit of $1000 for the planned accommodation. See bank transfer details below. 59...
  8. P

    Gold Coast Holiday Rental - How Do We Challenge New Laws?

    My partner and I have a number of properties on the Gold Coast and we let them out as short term rentals, usually a weekend or under a week. The state government has now introduced some type of law whereby we are now being classed as "party houses" and we are possibly going to be fined for...
  9. D

    An Airbnb guest Promotes Our Address for Events?

    My house was booked for 8 nights on the basis of 9 guests. The guest in question wrote...Hi M and D, my family and some friends of mine are planning to come down to Phillip Island for nine days at the beginning of March. Your place looks great for our group but the rate is higher than we wanted...