SA Patent Law for Selling Private Label Goods on Amazon?

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13 July 2015
Hi all.
Looking at importing and private labelling a type of bamboo chopping board from China to sell on Amazon in America.

The surface of the chopping board uses one flattened piece of bamboo rather than gluing strips together to form the surface. There are a range of benefits to this. There are various patents out there that seem to cover this technology.

Could anyone tell me whether i'd be infringing on any patent? If it is recommended that I speak to a lawyer, could someone please suggest how much something like this would cost to research?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi Rocawear,

If you are selling to customers in America, you will need to check patents covering this technology in America. If you are selling to customers in Australia, then check the patents in Australia. Note that many patents, though registered, will usually not hold up in court because the technology is too common or important and therefore, not patentable.

If your market is America, then you will need to speak with an IP lawyer in America as Australian law will not cover this. As this is an Australian legal forum, I do not know any American IP lawyers to recommend you. However, if you are looking to sell in Australia, or starting an Australian company, then you can search here for an IP lawyer: Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You -