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  1. R

    VIC Gumtree Appliance Purchase (Paypal paid); Not Fully Operational

    Hi all, I hope it's ok to ask about this here, I found this forum after googling and it looked very helpful and useful. I just purchased a second hand / used kitchen appliance (pressure cooker) from a private seller via Gumtree. He confirmed in text messaging that there were no leaks and that...
  2. Aayan

    NSW I sold something on Marketplace and is now demanding a refund

    I just sold some LEGO on Facebook market for 1500 dollars, the customer came to inspect the build legos and after disassembling and transporting it over 1 hour they are now demanding that I must give them a refund as their are missing pieces despite them cheacking them in person before buying...
  3. Kiananime

    NSW Refund

    Hi, so i bought a projector from gumtree (mind you it didn’t come with charger and the rest of the stuff, because i asked). When I finally got my hands on a charger a day later i found that the projector isn’t working and I’ve tried to discuss this with the person but he’s not cooperating. I’ve...
  4. R

    QLD Gumtree Car Audio Installer - Damaged Car during Installation

    Found an audio installed on gumtree to install some things in my car. After he installed a new radio antenna on my roof, I noticed a crack and slit in the wood roof lining and also the fabric - about 5cm in length. Wondering what my rights are in terms of paying for the damages to be repaired?
  5. P

    NSW Car with Issues from Gumtree - What to Do?

    I bought a car from a private dealer 1 week ago and he informed me that rego was paid for a year. He also put this information in the ad on Gumtree but when registering the car in my name I was informed that rego was expired and it needs to do the pink slip. I took the car to the mechanic and...
  6. N

    NSW Someone on gumtree sold me an item they did not plan on sending.

    I saw a guy on gumtree selling a computer part at a reduced price and I asked if he could send it. I got his number and spoke to him briefly to try determine whether or not this was legitimate. He also had the ad advertised in the paid advertisement section, having me further believe he was a...
  7. R

    QLD Australian Consumer Law on Hidden Defect on a Motorcycle?

    Hello, About a month ago, I bought a 2005 YAMAHA R6 from a private dealer for 3800$. During the first interview with the dealer, I inspected the bike as much as I could (I have a record of this) but I didn't find anything suspicious. The ad on gumtree was marking the bike as 'already crashed'...
  8. S

    VIC Scammed in Melbourne Through Gumtree - Help?

    Hi everyone, As I said, I got scammed. I bought a laptop Gumtree and paid by cash. I came to the guy's house to pay and got a laptop with super glue on it (They're noticeable, but I thought they were specks of dust). I bought the laptop back after two hours and asked for a refund. The scammer...
  9. K

    Gumtree buyer changed his mind and wants a refund

    Hello, I sold a lounge set yesterday. Relatively smooth transaction until the person took the items and then realised it was too big for his unit and he wouldn’t be able to get it in the lifts or stairs. He called and said he wanted a refund and would be coming back with the lounge set to...
  10. R

    QLD Buyer wanting to return something from a Gumtree sale for not having transferable warranty

    Hi all, Recently I sold a camera that I had bought mid last year, which is known to come with a 10 year warranty. I advertised and sold it on Gumtree with very basic model specs. When requesting payment with Paypal through the GT app the buyer claimed he would prefer to do a Paypal to Paypal...