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FREE - Join Now, known as Gumtree, is a British online classified advertisement and community website based at Hotham House, Richmond, London. Classified ads are either free or paid for depending on the product category and the geographical market. As of November 2010, it was the UK's largest website for local community classifieds and was one of the top 30 websites in the UK, receiving 14.8 million monthly unique visitors according to a traffic audit in 2010.

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  1. magnas

    NSW Item sold on gumtree

    I sold the vehicle privately. It was inspected with mechanic as well. It was good when it checked I sold due to financial reasons. Now problem came in car now they’re saying there’s a problem drove 4-5 times and problem came. What should I do? Can they return the car? I’m in tension now. Engine...
  2. E

    VIC Right to refund - Gumtree Sale

    Help please! I work for a furniture manufacturer. We offer a 10 year warranty on upholstered furniture. We were recently approached by a customer seeking a refund of the full purchase price due to a fault, but it transpires he obtained the sofa for free on Gumtree. The seller mentioned when...
  3. C

    QLD Dangerous Gumtree

    Question 1. Neighbour has a large gumtree on our boundary, on his side of the fence. Almost close to my house than his. This property is a rental property with tenants in it. Contacted the real estate last year to ask for the owner to cut down or at least trim the large branches on my side of...
  4. Thinkaboutit

    WA Civil Damages for Stolen Property?

    I recently had a bike stolen and noticed it was advertised and sole on Gumtree the next day. Immediately after the theft I reported it to the police and also put them in contact with Gumtree community support so they could work out who the bike was sold too (as buyer would need the sellers...
  5. N

    Consumer Law - Gumtree

    My husband has accepted an offer for an item, but someone else have offered more and paid a deposit. The first buyers threatening to sue over this. According to Gumtree accepting an offer is not legally binding as they are not an auction site. Any advice?
  6. tnc

    Gumtree Buyer Demanding Refund for Goods Damaged in Transit

    I hope someone can give some direction with this one. I advertised a motorhome satellite tv setup on Gumtree in Western Australia. A gentleman from QLD contacted me and made me an offer of $1800 plus agreed to pay the shipping of the items via courier from WA to QLD. I spoke to a courier...
  7. J

    WA Gumtree purchase

    I purchased a fridge freezer yesterday for $550 and the freezer doesnt work and the fridge only cools to 6 degree the seller advertised as perfect working condition and delivered but recommended against plugging it in on arrival as its been in travel and the gas needs to settle before plugging...
  8. G

    Buyers want refund for car bought via Gumtree

    Hi! I hope you guys can help me with this! I had sold a 2006 Jaguar on Gumtree, private sale. The man came here, look, drove the car and told me he liked the price. He agreed with everything I said about the car (I had asked that for him) I gave him up to +30 photos of hold car. He inspected and...
  9. R

    VIC Gumtree Appliance Purchase (Paypal paid); Not Fully Operational

    Hi all, I hope it's ok to ask about this here, I found this forum after googling and it looked very helpful and useful. I just purchased a second hand / used kitchen appliance (pressure cooker) from a private seller via Gumtree. He confirmed in text messaging that there were no leaks and that...
  10. Aayan

    NSW I sold something on Marketplace and is now demanding a refund

    I just sold some LEGO on Facebook market for 1500 dollars, the customer came to inspect the build legos and after disassembling and transporting it over 1 hour they are now demanding that I must give them a refund as their are missing pieces despite them cheacking them in person before buying...