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    AWS Mechanical Turk (hidden cost multiplier)

    Hi, I recently used the AWS Mechanical Turk system, specifically 'Ground Truth'. Where, for a fee you send in a bunch of images (~500 in this case). People will then label the data by drawing boxes over the objects of interest that you specify. Now it should've cost $100~$150 based on their...
  2. H

    QLD Will Product with Australian Trademark be Safe on Amazon?

    Hi all, I have a product which is due to launch onto the Amazon platform. The product itself has a trademark registered in Australia and the business itself is based in Australia but I anticipate a large proportion of sales from the USA. Would I be safe to use my trademark on my product's name...
  3. R

    SA Patent Law for Selling Private Label Goods on Amazon?

    Hi all. Looking at importing and private labelling a type of bamboo chopping board from China to sell on Amazon in America. The surface of the chopping board uses one flattened piece of bamboo rather than gluing strips together to form the surface. There are a range of benefits to this. There...
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    Use a Photo in a Book on Amazon?

    Hi there, I'm about to publish my first book on Amazon and before I submit my final draft, I would like to know if I can use a photograph of an academic that I've referenced in the book, or it it copyright material? Thanks.