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A mechanic is an artisan, skilled tradesperson, or technician who uses tools to build, maintain, or repair machinery.

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  1. 1988rsf

    VIC Should mechanic fix my car

    Yesterday I took my car for a minor service, I waited outside for 1 hour before he rolled up hungover. He preceded to do 45 min work and charged me 380, and I paid upon arrival back from getting a coffee. He took me through and I asked if he turned off the light that has been indicating it...
  2. B

    QLD Seller changed date on RWC

    Almost 3 weeks ago, I brought a car privately. car was advertised as in good condition, 4 brand nee tyres, recent service. Rego expired, but has RWC. About a week or so after buying it, gears are hard to get, cant change in or out of any gear when car is cold, oil was black and transmission...
  3. S

    QLD mechanic ruined my engine after paid work

    mechanic paid to do a timing chain and full service on my car after the job was completed the car broke down on side of road so the cat was towed bak to mechanics after the car was inspected it was discovered the time ing belt chain had snapped resulting in the motor being a total mess the...
  4. J

    NSW mechanic fails to send pink slip to Transport NSW

    My mechanic failed to send through a "pink slip" to Transport NSW in January. In March I got stopped by police & fined for "unregistered vehicle" which is how I discovered mechanic's failure. I have his invoice dated 2 days before rego due & Third Party Insurance notifcation they have informed...
  5. K

    NSW Major fault - poor car repairs

    I had a brake hose replaced (along with about $1500 of other maintenance work) during a major service. 6 months late the brakes failed while driving. Thankfully it did not result in an accident, it wasn’t y til speaking with the new mechanic that he said the brakes were repaired with noN...
  6. F

    Bought Faulty Car from Private Seller - What to Do?

    On Saturday 08-01-2020 I bought an automatic ford fiesta 2010 car at $ 5,500 AUD in Liverpool NSW, Australia, I bought it after I drove it for more than 30 min and I liked it, also the car was in perfect aesthetic condition, also in the publication of market facebook and in the inspection of the...
  7. H

    NSW Pre purchase private sale vehicle inspection report failed to report major faults

    Hi everyone I purchased a second hand vehicle from a private seller in NSW for $11,500. Prior to purchase I did the checks for finance owing, write off, etc. Which all came back clear. I also paid a mechanic in NSW to inspect the vehicle and provide a pre purchase inspection report for $200. I...
  8. J

    NSW Unauthorised: My Car Sold by my Mechanic

    Good morning all and thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. Q1: What enquires would the server of an assumed legal document or letter of demand/intention of property sale (my vehicle), be expected to undertake to verify my address? Q2: Can a mechanic sell my car without permission...
  9. T

    QLD Mechanic damaged my car's transmission

    Hey guys thanks in advance for your assistance! So a few months ago I dropped my car into a workshop to have a load of work done ranging from turbo upgrade to clutch install and an ecu tune. I got the car back the other week and as Im driving home I notice I can't get into 4th gear. I know it...
  10. F

    VIC Car damaged by mechanic

    I took my car in to have the door lock fixed under warranty. They cleaned the car and t was filled with spray/water when I picked it up. There was a leak coming from the sunroof which had never happened before. They cleaned the lines and said there was no leak but it kept happening. The car has...