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21 May 2018
I need some help / advise-

I am about to face a criminal charge I have being; misuse of a carriage service causing menace harassment and bullying....

The “victim” has since contacted me on several occasions and I have screen shots of the messages, telephone call logs and even one- being a recorded phone call that I had with the “victim” (the “victim” was the one who telephoned me) and spoke in such a friendly “wanna be ya best friend” manner...
I recorded it for the purpose of current and o going court matter directly relating to this criminal charge and the “victim” being the instigator of the continual contact.

Please note: I am a 32 year old female.
The “victim” in this matter is my partner (6 years we have been together) - ex wife.. whom is 50 years old. They have 4 children together..

I’ve never sent or spoken to her in a aggressive manner or threatened her, ever...

She had me charged with this criminal charge as part of her quest in accessing my partners inheritance from his late parents that he is about receive which is quite a substantial figure and as his ex wife (the “victim” who charged me with misuse of a carriage service) is the primary carer for their 13 yr old autistic son she is going for a very large claim of her ex husbands money... and is trying everything and anything to make him look bad inclusive of deciding to not want contact with me any more in which case- she sent me ONE a text saying pls no further contact ... which I subsequently would text her from time to time to request that my partner see the 13 yo she now, conveniently, denies him access to the child....
I am aware that the charge was able to be made and laid on me because I contacted her after her simple request that I don’t contact her.

So my question is- due to the fact that on several occasions - SINCE- the charge she had me charged with- she has contacted me - will that be suffice evidence to have to charge dropped? I am pleading not guilty ... and self represented..
help! Please !! And thank u in advance


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5 January 2018
I don't have knowledge about your case to give you an advice, the only advice I can give is: get yourself a lawyer/solicitor. Your situation is tricky and don't relay on people on the net.

This is your life. It will be worth the investment.