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Pro se legal representation ( or ) comes from Latin pro se, meaning "for oneself" or "on behalf of themselves", which in modern law means to argue on one's own behalf in a legal proceeding as a defendant or plaintiff in civil cases or a defendant in criminal cases.
This status is sometimes known as propria persona (abbreviated to "pro per"). In England and Wales the comparable status is that of "litigant in person".

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  1. Q

    VIC Self-representing litigant support

    I am a self-representing litigant and need some assistance with case-related documentation, processes, templates, and overall case strategy from time to time. Any suggestions on any paralegals/individuals/websites etc . that can assist with that?
  2. S

    WA Costs/Disbursements for self represented

    Hi I am currently in the District Court as a self represented plaintiff to a civil matter. Whilst self represented I still from time to time take paid legal advice on matters of procedure and to check that my pleadings are coherent and fit for purpose/procedure etc, mostly I will make...
  3. DaniDee

    QLD Pleadings

    Current situation Statement of claim Defence & Counterclaim NNPD's Plaintiff files affidavits Defendant files affidavits Defendant requests amending defence & counter claim - court approves Seeking clarification: I am currently amending my defence and counterclaim, am I able to utilise content...
  4. J

    VIC Anshun estoppel is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75.

    Hi everyone! Anshun estoppel precident is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75 is in play. How do I respond to this? I have some ideas: I can show that the Health Records act is not the Privacy act and that...
  5. S

    FVRO Final Hearing Prep. Self represented applicant. Any tips on how to open and close fast?

    Hi All, I have an interim FVRO on my partners ex wife and she has objected to it which was expected. The final hearing is next month and I have no idea how to present my case or where to start. It has been almost 4 years of absolute hell and although I have the FVRO, she has still been abusing...
  6. H

    NSW How to Serve papers on to the respondent when you self represent?

    Good afternoon, What easy suggestions may you have for how to serve court documents to the other party when your self representing? This relates to a brand new application being actioned by the “applicant” to serve on the “respondent” directly.
  7. C

    VIC Address for Service if self-represented and in hiding

    How does the Federal Circuit Court deal with self-represented family law litigants that are in hiding from their partners? Getting legal aid is impossible, and finding anyone that doesn't know my ex is proving shockingly impossible. I'm homeless and at my wits end, as a result of their...
  8. embee

    WA Starting property case, self representing

    Hi everyone I've been separated from my wife for 16 months (she kicked me out of family home), and have tried to start negotiations a few times, to no avail. Most recently she replied with she wants effectively 95% of our assets. I then tried to get her to come to mediation but she called them...
  9. K

    QLD Mother won’t comply with parenting plan. Next steps???

    Hi everyone, So basically the mother of my 2 1/2yr old step daughter will not comply with the parenting plan. She has now officially broken it twice and tried to break it once before but ended up backing out. Keep in mind we have only gotten this parenting plan done in October and had 2 others...
  10. J

    NSW Self Represented - Extension for filing affidavits

    I'm writing on behalf of my brother who I am helping with a 2 year running custody case based on mum wanting to relocate (Kids are 9 and 11). Hearings due end of February and we can't afford a lawyer anymore so brother will self-represent, he's been denied legal aid. We need: 1. An extension...