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The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is the principal law enforcement agency responsible for policing the Australian state of Queensland. In 1990, the Queensland Police Force was officially renamed the Queensland Police Service and the old motto of "Firmness with Courtesy" was changed to "With Honour We Serve". The headquarters of the Queensland Police Service is located at 200 Roma Street, Brisbane.
The current Commissioner is Katarina Carroll . The Commissioner reports to the Minister for Police, presently the Hon. Mark Ryan .

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    What infringment notice can QLD police write for parking in shopping centers.

    At Springfield Shopping Centre there are signs posted at once entrance informing persons entering said car park that this facility is for customers only, not commuters (given the Springfield transtation next door has a short supply in car parking). On other entrances there are no such signs or...
  2. Q

    Misuse of a carriage service qld HELP

    I need some help / advise- I am about to face a criminal charge I have being; misuse of a carriage service causing menace harassment and bullying.... The “victim” has since contacted me on several occasions and I have screen shots of the messages, telephone call logs and even one- being a...
  3. M

    Driving while disqualified & over the no alcohol limit (0.03)

    Earlier this year (February) I received one year probation and lost my licence for 2 years for a fail to stop offence in Queensland. I was recently caught driving while disqualified and over the no alcohol limit (approx. 0.03BAC) My traffic history includes another drink driving offence (over...
  4. Q

    QLD What are the Guidelines of Pursuit for Queensland Police?

    Hi Team, I have a question about police pursuit. Can anyone point me to where I could find the Queensland police guidelines on police pursuit? I have a speed related offence coming up in court soon and have a video of the police vehicle exceeding 182 km/s on the highway in pursuit of me. I...
  5. G

    QLD Queensland Police and Drug Offence Queries

    Firstly, I have a lawyer. In November 2015, my room in the boarding house that I live in was raided and Drugs were seized as were utensils namely scales and a glass pipe. In the documents submitted to the court by Queensland Police was an offence committed in 1992. I had forgotten all about...
  6. D

    QLD Queensland Police and Firearms Search Warrant - Am I in Trouble?

    Queensland Police recently exercised a search warrant at my apartment based on a 'tip off'. I had a .22 rifle on the premises that was registered to my GF's ex husband. My GF had asked that I remove it from her house and dispose of it. The rife had been rendered inoperable (No bolt/firing pin /...
  7. P

    QLD Assaulted by Kids of Queensland Police - Any Recourse?

    When I was a 17 year old uni student I went to a b'day party I was invited to in Zillmere. Soon after arriving I was attacked by 5 drunken louts who bashed me severely I had broken ribs, nose and jaw and had severe lacerations and was bleeding profusely. My friend I brought to the party managed...
  8. S

    QLD Called Ambulance when Drunk and Allegedly Abused Queensland Police

    Called ambulance while intoxicated. Queensland police were called to break into my house and apparently I was abusive. Four days later I was given a Notice to Appear for public nuisance and obstructing police. I don't remember anything. The police said it was only a summary offence but because...
  9. M

    QLD Time Limit to Report Assault to Queensland Police?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of the time period (if any) for lodging an assault claim for myself and my son. On February 14, 2013, the following happened and I want to know if I can report it to Queensland Police now, over two years on. My ex husband (who was still my husband at...
  10. D

    QLD Details Lacking in QP9 - Challenge Queensland Police Procedure?

    I'm being charged with numerous criminal law offences in Queensland. This is because a person of my discription had tried to quickly park their car and then was on foot once they saw a road side RBT, and then was detained and while searching the car they found a couple drug utensils an couple...