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    QLD Bail at committal hearing

    Hi all, Just signed up today and I am only starting to learn about Criminal proceeding and process so forgive me if I ask too many questions. My brother was arrested in June 2020 and has been in remand since, he has a legal aid lawyer who he spoke to briefly in July and at the time was still...
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    Use of image on a published work

    Hi there, I am an actor living in Queensland, Australia. About a year ago I performed in an amateur production by a local playwright which has now been published. The cover of the script features a photo of myself which I was not consulted about, nor was I given any sort of mention. Is this...
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    QLD Debt - Do I Now Have a Legal Obligation to Pay?

    I've just gotten out of a share house, two of the girls living there were paying a bit more in rent (as they had agreed to at the start of the tenancy) and my girlfriend sent them a message saying that I would "try to pay them back" the difference that they paid. She then later in that message...
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    NSW Help with Wording Response to Adjournment Request?

    Hi, My ex has today requested my consent for an adjournment of a contravention case, 13 days out from the court date. I am self-representing in the matter and wish for some help on wording my response. I have requested a reason for the request and she responded that Legal Aid will take another...
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    QLD Family Law Trial - Will Legal Aid QLD Lawyer Represent Son?

    Can a pensioner hire a legal aid QLD lawyer to work for her son in a family law trial?
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    QLD Divorce - Entitled to a Legal Aid QLD or VIC Family Lawyer?

    I am now living in Victoria having moved from Queensland approximately 4 months ago. I want to divorce my ex husband that still lives in Queensland, we have been separated for at least 4 to 5 years. I don't want to have Any personal contact with him, but am very keen to begin the process for a...
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    QLD Legal Aid QLD - Representation for Custody of Children Matter?

    Am I correct in assuming that Legal Aid QLD will not represent anyone seeking partial custody of children given that no danger is present? Other than possible psychological harm as the mother is studying to be a pastor at hillsong church.
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    QLD Criminal Law Hearing - Will Legal Aid Lawyer Represent Me?

    I currently have been assigned a lawyer through legal aide in queensland and have had no correspondence from the lawyer I have been appointed. I was present at my last criminal law court hearing and an article clerk,who was there representing me,assured me that a lawyer would be in contact with...
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    QLD Criminal Trial and Writ of Habeas Corpus

    I am in need of urgent advice, to stop this forced summary trial, and direct it to a jury trial as is our constitutional right. Offence of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence contrary to s.474.17 of the Criminal Code is punishable by a maximum of 3 years imprisonment...
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    QLD Recovering Debt from Son - Legal Aid QLD or Do Myself?

    I lent $40,000 to my son (personal loan) almost 7 years ago and he never makes any attempt to pay. My relationship with him is now non-existent, making recovering my money harder if not impossible. I got a lawyer to write a letter of demand stating that he has 7 days to reply this letter or the...