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    QLD Defendant has lodge statement to claim, now what?

    Plaintif is the mother-in-law and Im the defendant I have lodge a statement to her claim, this was some months back now. Im being sued for 95k, im legit, nothing illegal and believe I have a great defence. My credit file is being ruined because of this dispute. Plaintiff has not moved any...
  2. Q

    Misuse of a carriage service qld HELP

    I need some help / advise- I am about to face a criminal charge I have being; misuse of a carriage service causing menace harassment and bullying.... The “victim” has since contacted me on several occasions and I have screen shots of the messages, telephone call logs and even one- being a...
  3. R

    VIC Statement of Defence - Can I File?

    Do I need a lawyer to be able to file a notice / statement of defence?
  4. S

    WA Statement of Defence - Form 21 - What to Put Under Law?

    I received a general procedure claim for the Magistrates Court of WA, and I need to file a Notice of Intent to Defend, together with a Statement of Defence Form 21. This form asks for: 1. Summary of facts 2. Area of law 3. Basic contentions What do I put under area of law? I would like to...