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The Statement relating to Defence was a United Kingdom government white paper published 4 March 1935 that started the rearmament of the UK during the 1930s. The paper, released by the War Office noted that, despite the creation of the League of Nations, "adequate defences are still required".

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  1. DaniDee

    QLD Pleadings

    Current situation Statement of claim Defence & Counterclaim NNPD's Plaintiff files affidavits Defendant files affidavits Defendant requests amending defence & counter claim - court approves Seeking clarification: I am currently amending my defence and counterclaim, am I able to utilise content...
  2. M

    QLD Defendant has lodge statement to claim, now what?

    Plaintif is the mother-in-law and Im the defendant I have lodge a statement to her claim, this was some months back now. Im being sued for 95k, im legit, nothing illegal and believe I have a great defence. My credit file is being ruined because of this dispute. Plaintiff has not moved any...
  3. Q

    Misuse of a carriage service qld HELP

    I need some help / advise- I am about to face a criminal charge I have being; misuse of a carriage service causing menace harassment and bullying.... The “victim” has since contacted me on several occasions and I have screen shots of the messages, telephone call logs and even one- being a...
  4. R

    VIC Statement of Defence - Can I File?

    Do I need a lawyer to be able to file a notice / statement of defence?
  5. S

    WA Statement of Defence - Form 21 - What to Put Under Law?

    I received a general procedure claim for the Magistrates Court of WA, and I need to file a Notice of Intent to Defend, together with a Statement of Defence Form 21. This form asks for: 1. Summary of facts 2. Area of law 3. Basic contentions What do I put under area of law? I would like to...