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Peter Hughes

18 February 2018
Fighting for justice.

In 2015, I lost my house, job and relationship and passion for life due to Carzoos' dishonesty and negligence.

My life was impacted dramatically as I had to return the car due to the car being unroadworthy with 3 illegal items on the car. Tyres were also too small for the wheels and a hand painted number plate. On collection of my car after not having it for a week to rectify these problems, I was impacted by a council 4x4 on the driver's side in a loan car in which I was not at fault.

I'd like to state that if they claim they do these inspections and checks, then I wouldn’t have had to return the car and been involved in a car accident as I would have still been at work. But I now suffer from spinal injuries and ended up homeless for a lengthy period as the insurance companies repaired both cars, but they never spoke to me about the accident.

So since the accident and living in my car, my relationships with my partner and my family turned toxic as no one believed me and I pushed everyone away.

I could only afford my car payment and kept paying it as it was a roof over my head.

But through all of this, I was assaulted physically where I was bashed and my car's back window vandalised at a homeless shelter by an employee - all caught on camera. I notified the police immediately and I have never been involved in a physical assault in my life was, expecting help from the police but instead I was treated like my life or word wasn’t worthy.

So I requested that the police view the cameras which would have shown the whole assault and me not throwing one punch. But they refused and I felt worthless.

2 weeks later, I was was dragged out of my car at 2 in the morning after being woken up by 2 men, stating they were police but didn’t show any identification and were in plain clothes. I was handcuffed and assaulted resulting in physical injuries.

One had me in a headlock and the other with his legs in front of mine trying to trip me whilst I was handcuffed, ending up face first on the road where my skin was torn open on my forehead, nose and chin as a result of manhandling me. Then I was fined for a defective vehicle from the guy smashing my rear window as I couldn’t afford to repair it but covered it with tape.

I wasn’t present with the passing of my grandmother and the passing of my first dog at the age of 16 and nearly took my own life nearly jumping from the 14th floor of a high rise.

But though all of this, I have a list of over 30 items being replaced on the car, some being major and reports from 3 independent smash repairs and Austral Volkswagen and Southport Volkswagen that the car had been involved in a major accident and wasn’t assessed by any insurance companies. Or any paper trail

I've been offered bribes from the corporate side of 2500 and to sign forms to release the car from Carzoos as they know my situation. Dealer principal also offered me to pay the car out.

APeagers cancelled my extended warranty and banned me from all dealerships and said that I need to take it to court. But the icing on the cake was when my front bumper was reversed into and under the paint is blue bog/ filler, which proves even more that I was right from the start.

My life has been destroyed as I lost everything and my physical health and mental health is shot and credit rating destroyed. I still at times wonder why I carry on when no one wants to help and I constantly get turned away from lawyers. But I have only been housed for 5 months and started working in age care as it’s my passion to help improve someone’s life, especially the elderly as this brightens up my day.

So if anyone can help me and restore my faith in humanity, it would mean the world to me, cause I have constantly been pushed away or called a liar.

Also I have all emails reports and photos of everything I have experienced.


Well-Known Member
6 April 2016
Can I be honest and say that it looks like your not dealing with problems in a sensible way and the result is things just get worse? Is that a fair statement?

If you want a lawyer to help you, they don't want to hear you playing the blame game, they want simple facts. How the other side screwed up, and they want to know how you screwed up, you just have to be upfront about it and only then can they help you.