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  1. H

    NSW Issues with Used Nissan - Australian Consumer Law Recourse?

    Hi all, so, this one is a pickle. Here is the back story: I purchased a used 2013 Nissan xtrail 4WD from a private seller on 16 November 2018. Prior to purchase, I had the vehicle inspected by my mechanic, who identified a leak from the rear differential. The vehicle was (and is) still under...
  2. BoneFido

    NSW Dodgy Sony Computer Repair - Australian Consumer Law?

    "There are no simple questions". I purchased a high-end Sony laptop from Harvey Norman, the last one HN had in the country. This was a rushed purchase, as I was in a consumer tribunal about my previous Sony Vaio when I found out Sony was pulling out of Australia. As the outcome of NCAT was...
  3. G

    NSW Australian Extended Warranty Purchase.

    Hi There, Can a importer sell extended warranty for their branded product? E.g If we offered 2 years manufactures warranty with your purchase and you wanted an addition 2 years extended warranty for piece of mind can this be bought? I know Harvey Normans sell this kind of stuff but I am...
  4. Peter Hughes

    QLD Impact of Car Accident and Carzoos - What to Do?

    Fighting for justice. In 2015, I lost my house, job and relationship and passion for life due to Carzoos' dishonesty and negligence. My life was impacted dramatically as I had to return the car due to the car being unroadworthy with 3 illegal items on the car. Tyres were also too small for the...
  5. A

    WA Car Sold was a Lemon - What to Do?

    We purchased a second hand 2012 Toyota 200 series land cruiser 139k on the clock from a dealer, The dealer is 1500km away from us. We had the car sent on a truck - it arrived today! Before purchasing the vehicle, we had spoken with the salesman and had a mechanical report sent through. Obvious...
  6. N

    NSW Major Issues with Car - Pursue Under Australian Consumer Law?

    Hi, Just wanted to know where I stand in regards to a used car I bought just over 2 years ago. I wouldn't bring this up. I let you guys know what's happened and see where I might stand I guess. So as I was saying, the car was purchased 2 years ago (it was 7 years old at the time, with only...
  7. Murali

    SA Dealer Sold Holden Lemon Car - Can I Sue?

    Hi, I purchases a Holden Cruze (used car) from a dealer in 2014 and I have purchased an extended warranty for 3, which is valid until 2017 August. It went okay until last October 2016. I started noticing smoke from exhaust and have to take it to the dealer and was rejected twice saying there is...
  8. S

    QLD Australian Consumer Laws on Lemon Cars - Where Do I Stand?

    Good evening! I bought a car around 7 weeks ago. Due to the high kms, it didn't have a statutory warranty - however we purchased an extended warranty. We picked the car up late on a Friday afternoon. First thing, we noticed was the steering wheel not straight - wheels were, but not the steering...