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Roadworthiness or streetworthiness is a property or ability of a car, bus, truck or any kind of automobile to be in a suitable operating condition or meeting acceptable standards for safe driving and transport of people, baggage or cargo in roads or streets, being therefore street-legal.

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  1. Brendan Williams

    QLD Roadworthy Fraud in Private sale

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 4x4 Holden Colorado from a private seller, $12800. Took the car for a test drive the week prior and nothing seemed wrong with it, no funny noises and everyone seemed to run alright. I’m not too mechanically minded so from my own look it seemed alright. It was...
  2. R

    vehicle roadworthy fraud

    Good morning , I recently purchased a 2005 for territory from Greys online auction with reg and roadworthy - Cost $4800 when driving home the car stated pulling left and steering shook violently - I took the car to my mechanic to have an independent safety check roadworthy done. It...
  3. R

    QLD Australian Consumer Law on Hidden Defect on a Motorcycle?

    Hello, About a month ago, I bought a 2005 YAMAHA R6 from a private dealer for 3800$. During the first interview with the dealer, I inspected the bike as much as I could (I have a record of this) but I didn't find anything suspicious. The ad on gumtree was marking the bike as 'already crashed'...
  4. Norwest

    WA Redbook - Valuation of 30-Year-Old Bunkeys?

    Hi and thanks again for the informative site. As part of my disclosure, my ex's solicitor wants my collection of 30-year-old landcruisers vouched for via Redbook... Despite my best efforts, no luck. These, I might add, are what is known in the trade as bunkeys, usually hidden out the back...
  5. N

    VIC Purchased a Used Second Hand Vehicle - Australian Consumer Law Help?

    Hello I entered in a purchase under my business name while residing in Victoria to a licensed NSW motor dealer for a 1977 Kombi transporter. The Kombi was purchased for $33,510 and would be used to drive to meet and greet clients and also for private use for kids sports and family holidays...
  6. Madan

    Used car bought from dealer has oil leaks

    Hi, Couple of months ago I bought a used car from a dealer in Victoria, there is no warranty given by the dealer and he did a Road Worthy. I now see engine oil leaking and when I took to a local mechanic he said a few components are wornout and hence oil leaking and he said it is not something...
  7. D

    VIC Defective car bought without roadworthy

    Hi, My neices boyfriend just purchased a second hand car privately for $16,500. The car came without rwc and he paid cash for it! I know it’s crazy, but he is only young and he didn’t fully understand what this meant. Needless to say, after 3 days the car broke down and had done the clutch...
  8. T

    VIC Sold Car Privately - Buyer Threatening Legal Action?

    3 days ago, I sold my car privately to a person who lives roughly 200 kilometers away. The buyer came 6 weeks ago to test-drive the car and to check it out. I wasn't at home so my wife gave him the keys and answered the questions. My wife asked the buyer how he went with driving the car and if...
  9. L

    QLD Private purchase of car with registration but no roadworthy

    Hi, I have just purchased a car through means of a private sale. The car is registered but the seller did not provide a road worthy certificate or gas compliance certificate. I have just come back from a local mechanic who has advised me that the car is far from road worthy, and the onus is on...
  10. J

    NSW Bought Un-roadworthy Car from Dealer - Refund?

    Hi! I bought a second hand car from a dealer. I took it to my mechanic after purchase just for a check up and he found it had numerous issues and said the car is not roadworthy. I took it back to the dealer who said they would repair the issues and provide a pink slip. After getting the vehicle...