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Kia Motors Corporation, commonly known as Kia Motors (Korean: 기아자동차; Hanja: 起亞自動車, IPA: [ki.a], lit. '"Kia automobile"') is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. It is South Korea's second-largest automobile manufacturer following the Hyundai Motor Company, with sales of over 2.8 million vehicles in 2019. As of December 2015, the Kia Motor corporation is minority owned by Hyundai, which owns a 33.88% stake valued at just over US$6 billion. Kia in turn is a minority owner of more than twenty Hyundai subsidiaries ranging from 4.9% up to 45.37%, totaling more than US$8.3 billion.

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  1. PeteG

    QLD Reasonable Amount of Time to Wait for Car Repair?

    Hi there, I own a 2016 Kia Sportage which I bought in February of 2017. In May of 2017, the vehicle started having shuddering issues. I took the vehicle in for a service to sort the issue out. When I picked up the vehicle, I was told that my model of sportage had a known shuddering issue and...
  2. N

    NSW Major Issues with Car - Pursue Under Australian Consumer Law?

    Hi, Just wanted to know where I stand in regards to a used car I bought just over 2 years ago. I wouldn't bring this up. I let you guys know what's happened and see where I might stand I guess. So as I was saying, the car was purchased 2 years ago (it was 7 years old at the time, with only...
  3. K

    WA Kia Dealership Sold the Wrong Car - Where Do I Stand?

    I just bought a car 5 days ago and found out it was not the one we were told it was and believed the salesperson said it was to me. I am afraid I have a problem with finding the right car for myself as I have quite a few health injuries and the car I buy must have the right seat for me to sit...
  4. K

    QLD Can I Get Refund and Compensation from Dealership?

    Hi, I bought a car (2003 Kia Sportage) from a dealership and the check engine light came on that same day I got home. I then got an independent mechanic report, which showed a number of defects about the car making it un-roadworthy. The car yard offered to fix the problems on the list, which...
  5. Weisse Blume

    VIC KIA Repair Problems 14 Times - Take Case to Court?

    14/07/2012: We bought a KIA Cerato 2012 (ex demo) from Bayford KIA with 5 year factory warranty + 1 year extended warranty from Bayford KIA (Now Bayford Group). In Feb 2013 (7 months after purchase): the engine started to stall every now and then, and at the same time the engine check light...