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11 April 2020
My uncle is the executor to my grandfather's estate (only money no property). My grandfather moved to Australia to live with my mum in 2016. Mum cared for him as well as my dad until he went into a nursing home in late 2019. He past this Feb in 2020. My grandfather was in full control of his facilities however relied on my mum to transfer money etc however we would withdraw cash amounts from ATMs and occasionally withdraw amounts like $7500- we have no idea what he spent his money on or where he put these amounts . The estate is to be devided equally except for a lump sum extra to my uncle. My uncle as executor is going back through grandads bank statements (5 years worth) and now questioning every withdrawal or transfer that was requested by my grandfather in the hopes he will get a larger share of the money. My grandfather did use to help my mum occasionally with the odd loan or gift of money that was not equally given to my uncle.My question is can my uncle actually decide to split the money to his favour to make up for previous gifts or loans to my mother that he himself did not get when grandad was alive? His estate it a total of 50,000 so this is not a massive amount.