executor of will

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An executor is someone who is responsible for executing, or following through on, an assigned task or duty. The feminine form, executrix, may sometimes be used.

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    NSW Donney will

    Can the Solicitor and the Executor be called on by Beneficiary to show the break up of the Will . With a full detailed money summery of accounts. Thank You Steve
  2. M

    QLD Does Executor of will have to inform beneficiaries of distribution of assets

    My father-in-law passed away 6 weeks ago and his wife had passed away 9 weeks prior. A few days after my Mother-in-law had passed away my Nephew talked my father-in-law into making a new will in which he was named Executor of will. Also at this time my father-in-law was wanting to pay for his...
  3. T

    VIC Beneficiary Disclaiming Benefit Through an Affidavit?

    My aunt is executor of will of my late grandmother's deceased estate which is given to me as the main beneficiary. I don't want it and want to distribute it to other family members. Can I disclaim a benefit by making an affidavit with the condition to have it distribute to others?
  4. 7

    VIC Will Unfair to Siblings - What to Do?

    Hi all, So my mum passed away recently and she has 7 children in total. 1 child has been left as executor of will and has been left 1/7 of the estate. The remaining 6/7 of the estate is to be divided equally between 14 grandchildren (to be accessed only when they are 21). 9 of the grandkids...
  5. D

    NSW Accountability for the distribution of assets

    There are 3 Executors in the Estate whom I have had to communicate with by email only due to abuse and threats. All assets have been sold. I sold the car,with the other Executors consent, and provided a statement of asset and distribution to other 2 Executors. One of the Executors purchased...
  6. J

    VIC Legal Costs and Liability of Executors of Will?

    Can executors of will be made liable for any estate legal costs if a dispute goes through the courts and the legal fees end up being higher than the estate value?
  7. T

    NSW Executor of Will behaving like a criminal

    Hi. My father passed away in 2011. His brother was made executor of the will, my sister and I are beneficiaries on the will. The issues we have are as follows: *My fathers property was sold in 2014 and we didn’t know about it. * we have contacted his solicitor for a copy of the will in which...
  8. A

    NSW Bad Executor of will HELP

    My nephew was made as the executor of my mothers estate. In the beginning he started sending nasty messages & just being nasty in general. He told us to go to the funeral home to sort out funeral as it was "my mother". He was suppose to show up as he is the executor but he never. so we sorted...
  9. C

    WA Biased Executor of Will Not Letting Us Enter the Property?

    My father-in-law has just passed away. My husband and his brother are equal shared beneficiaries. We have been told we are not allowed to enter his house (does not own) until the brother and the executor of will (his daughter) are there. They live five hours away and will not be at the property...
  10. J

    VIC How to Gain Mother's Will Before Her Death?

    I am the executor of will for my mother and am moving interstate. She is now in aged care after moving from where she made the will. Am I able to get my mother's will before she has died? If not, what can be done?