contesting a will

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    NSW Beneficiary/Executor is threatening to seek a greater share of the will

    Hi Everyone, My mother and her sister (my aunt) were named 50/50 equal beneficiaries of a house left to them by their Uncle. My aunt is also the Executor of the will. My aunt has been very unforthcoming with information about the estate and has shared few details with my mum about when the...
  2. D

    VIC Wife wanting to Contest a will

    My wifes Father past away she never met him and he is not on the birth certificate . He has his own family to another marriage, can my wife contest this will all she has is a legal declaration that he is the father .
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    VIC Opinions on Contest a Will?

    My elderly mother has recently passed away. My father died years ago and an older sibling, who lived with them, became my mother's carer, as she had dementia...although died from cancer. Both my mother and father had the same will originally, leaving the deceased estate to each other, and if /...
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    VIC Contesting a will disabled grandson

    Advice regarding disabled grandsons entitlements for grandfathers will.
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    WA Contesting a Will - Seeking recommendations

    Hi, looking for recommendations for legal advice in contesting a will in WA. Good and bad experiences are appreciated for consideration. Prefer either around CBD or North of River. Thanks, Andrew
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    NSW Timeframe for Resolution After Contesting a Will?

    Hi, My wife's brother is contesting a will of their mother on the grounds of being inadequately provided for. He had not been part of his mother's life for quite some tears but has engaged a "no win no pay" solicitor and hence, my wife as executor of will, also engaged a solicitor. To date...
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    VIC Former Executor of Will Challenging the Will?

    Hi All, I am a benefactor of a estate where the deceased passed way in December 2015. We received notification that I was in the estate in March 2017 where I was asked to attend Mediation. Now my understanding is that in order to attend Mediation, probate needs to be granted and a statement of...
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    VIC Time Limits on contesting a Will in Victoria??

    I'm an executor of my Mothers will, probate was granted on 3rd Nov 2017, my sister put me on notice on the 16th Nov 2017 to make a TFM Part IV claim to our lawyers. The Part IV law in Victoria states 2 time limits, 6 months to contest a will and 3 months from being put on notice. The 3 months...
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    NSW Can I Contest This Will.

    I have been the executor of my parent's will for as long as I can remember (20+ years). Recently my only other sibling has moved into their home and has manipulated their poor old souls against me and my partner in an attempt at a money grab. I have a bad feeling they have been successful in...
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    VIC Estranged Brother Contesting a Will - What to Do?

    My sister and I are both executors and major beneficiaries of my late father's deceased estate. My estranged brother of over 20+ years is now contesting the will. He has responded (through his lawyer) and as yet has not provided an affidavit of his claim. Over the years he has not made any...