VIC Dispute over photos etc not specified in will

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    My friend and her sister (her sister being the executor) are fighting over photos, a clock and a ring my friend wants back which her mother purchased for her. In the capacity of executor, her sister changed the locks on the unit not long after her mother died yet denies having the goods. She is particularly upset about the photos as there were two of her Dad in fireman uniform and she thought they would have one each. My friends sister keeps calling the lawyer that handled the estate every time my friend emails her asking for the photos etc. I need clarification please; does signing the deed mean it's all done and dusted and she can no longer get the photos etc she wants, or is signing the deed merely end the lawyers side (we believe there is nothing they can do to assist in getting the photos etc) so the lawyer can close it off and the money be distributed in which case what further avenue would she have to get the photos? She thinks that by not signing it's forcing her sisters hand eventually to hand the photo(s) etc over.

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