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    NSW Starting Online Business as Sole Trader - Risks of Personal Assets

    I am planning to start an online business selling products to customers. I have decided to operate as a "Sole Trader" for the start. In the website, I went through the "Key Aspects of being a Sole Trader" and came across this sentence: Has unlimited liability - all your personal...
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    NSW Business Structure for Professional Services - Sole Trader, Partnership or Corporation?

    Which one is the best business structure for professional services firms, sole trader, partnership or corporation? The traditional way is a partnership, but is it no longer viable due to unlimited liability and no separation of legal entity? What are the pros and cons of these 3 types of...
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    VIC Questions to Set Up as Sole Trader?

    A colleague has some questions. He is setting up a sole trader business cleaning windows. 1. Can his business have a name such as "sparking windows" as opposed to his name? 2. He lives in a rental property whose lease is in his partner's name. The lease states no businesses can operate from...
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    VIC Food Delivery Service as a Sole Trader - Commercial Law Regulations?

    Hi everyone. I am planning to start an online food delivery service (like UberEats) as a sole trader to deliver homemade food (sourcing from independent home-based kitchens - not us) to customers. Basically a website where: Customers: Select their food from the menu, order it to get it...
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    NT Property Settlement - Forced to Resign and Relinquish Shares?

    Hi, I am currently going through family circuit court proceedings in regards to children's matters and property settlement. My ex and I were together since 2005 and have incorporated his sole trader business to a PTY LTD in Nov 2005. I am currently still company secretary and 50% shareholder...
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    NSW Builder not paying subcontractor due property damage

    Hi everyone I'm a sole trader been working for a builder pty Ltd on a new private home as a subcontractor. I made some scratches on a glass wall while sanding stairs. Becsuse of this they didn't pay my last 2 invoices . They paid my first progress payment invoice and partly the second. They...
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    VIC Registering a Trademark in Multiple Fonts and Styles?

    Hi there, I run a very small business as a sole trader, registered under my own name, and I'm looking into trademark registration for use as a business name / brand. My question is regarding the fonts and styling protected under a single trademark registration, i.e. can a single trademark...
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    NSW Sole Trader Pitched at Client - Legal Claims?

    Hello all, I am a sole trader, often doing freelance work for businesses in the creative field. Recently one such business, whom I have freelanced for in the past, has sent me a ‘Notice of Intent’ (from their work email address) on ground of the following event: - The operator of business...
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    NSW Sole Trader - Any Legal Issues in an IT Support Business?

    Hi, I'm thinking about becoming a sole trader. I will be fixing people's computers or solving problems related to technology. I understand that I need public liability insurance in case I break something but what else do I need? If a client needs a physical part replaced, if I provide it, what...
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    QLD Executor of Will Committed Fraud - What to Do?

    Mother died 2 years ago. Sister is sole executor of will. Mother owned a business and had substantial equity in family home. Sister was Power of Attorney for mother. Sister had been living in the family home for ten years with mother prior to death. The will states business left to sister and...