capital gains tax

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  1. Shane Ploenges

    SA CGT and Mortgage - Things to Consider During Transfer of Property?

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help. My wife and I are currently going through some stress in regards to the house we have lived in for over 12 years that belongs to her stepfather but was essentially bought for her. The situation is that about 15 years ago the house came up for sale next to...
  2. W

    QLD Personal and company debt

    hi, About 4 years ago i was the director of my company and sold my business on going on concern. My company was deregistered and i believe this sale resulted capital gain tax. I have also have debt to my personal credit card and business overdraft which i believe i was a guarantor. I offered...
  3. E

    VIC Contract - Terms for a Joint Property Venture?

    I have been approached by a developer wanting to buy some property I own. They have provided two terms for a joint venture that is linked below. (Years and prices have been replaced with "X".) 1. I am interested in some general impressions of the two terms. 2. If I were to provide my own terms...
  4. J

    NSW Capital Gains Tax Law Question

    Hey guys, got a rather long problem question so just gonna put the relevant facts that relate to the part i am having trouble with. Peter, an Australian resident has lived in Lindfield, Sydney since 1990, purchased his home for $450,000 (900m2) From January 2016-2017 he rented out 2 bedrooms...
  5. A

    NT Sister Refusing to Distribute Brother's Deceased Estate?

    Hi there and thanks in advance for any answers you may be able to help with :) Sister is the executor. Brother died over five (5) years ago. Almost half of the estate was left to her, a little over half to me. She refuses to honor brother's will, and is trying to keep every bit of his almost...
  6. K

    NSW What to Do with Difficult and Dominating Executor of Will?

    I am one of two Executors of our late mother's Deceased Estate. My late mother passed away May 2016. This property was purchased in 1976 by our now late parents. In May next year (2018), it will be the second year anniversary of our late mother's passing. Will this property have a Capital Gains...
  7. perception30

    NSW Selling Bitcoin in Australia Acquired from Another Country - Legal?

    Hello, I am a bitcoin trader and I own some bitcoins ( $250k worth ), some of which were purchased from my own country. Can I sell these in Australia and receive payment from other individuals in my bank account? Will it be considered as money laundering? Should I pay any tax? ** Bitcoins...
  8. B

    VIC Adding Name to Marital Home and Mortgage?

    Hi, Before I pay money to a lawyer, I would really appreciate some help. Overview: My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have lived at our family home for 11. My wife purchased our home along with her father and mother (their names are on the title and mortgage). My name is not on...
  9. D

    QLD Is There Capital Gains Tax on Inheritance Property?

    My brother and I are the beneficieries of our parents family home. My husband and myself want to buy my brother's share of the property and make it our family home. My question is, are there any taxes/duties/ costs relating to this purchase from my brother? I realize that there are no...
  10. T

    TAS Partnership Agreement and Tax Evasion Issues?

    I have some Questions regarding silent partners. Here is some background information to start. I work for a restaurant as a manager. Upon taking a job for this restaurant, I have decreased wages and improved reputation and business performance exceptionally well. Turnover is approximately 200k...