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    Foxtel dish removement caused roof leaking

    Tenant A installed the dish on the roof without permission of landlord and left the dish on roof when he left the property. Tenant B moved in and connected to Foxtel. B move out last year and currently still have Foxtel service in her new property. When B left, the dish was gone as well...
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    QLD Executor of Will Committed Fraud - What to Do?

    Mother died 2 years ago. Sister is sole executor of will. Mother owned a business and had substantial equity in family home. Sister was Power of Attorney for mother. Sister had been living in the family home for ten years with mother prior to death. The will states business left to sister and...
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    SA Sell In-House Broadcasting System to Other Businesses - Legal?

    Hi, I have an audio visual company and we have been asked by a gym to design a system that allows in-house advertising to be played through their TV system over the top of Foxtel / free to air broadcasts. The way it would be set up is the gym sells the advertising to local businesses, we design...