De Facto Relationship Breakdown - UK Citizen and Australian Resident - Consequences?

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3 January 2015
Hello and firstly thank you in advance hopefully for your advice/comments.

So I have been in a relationship with my de facto partner for 3.5 years now and if things aren't going to change we cannot go on living together. I am a UK citizen and he is a permanent resident in Australia and eligible for Australian citizenship. I have held my de facto visa for nearly 2 years now.

If it weren't for my 1 year old and child we are expecting I would have returned to England already however I know that my children need their father and family here!

What happens if we do split? Is my visa then invalid and will be forced to return? If I am eligible to stay, then how do I go about monetary support proceedings as I cannot work at the moment looking after my child and am expecting. I am not entitled to any Centrelink as only hold a UK citizen de facto visa!

So grateful for any advice!