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A single parent is a person who lives with a child or children and who does not have a spouse or live-in partner. Reasons for becoming a single parent include divorce, break-up, abandonment, death of the other parent, childbirth by a single person or single-person adoption. A single parent family is a family with children that is headed by a single parent.

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    ACT Child Support - Change of Assessment Queries

    Hello, I am about to receive a decision from Child Support Agency that they are unable to determine the other party's earning capacity and reject my CoA application. Background first, then questions for anyone reading - I would really appreciate some practical experience: Child Support Agency...
  2. B

    NT Single Parent Pension - Have I Committed Centrelink Fraud?

    I have been on and off with my somewhat partner for the last 4.5 years since our son was born...We also have a daughter who is 2... I have been receiving the single parent pension for 4.5 years as our relationship was constantly on and off all the time, with domestic violence and him kicking me...
  3. C

    WA Use Affidavit as Evidence for Centrelink Fraud?

    Hi all, My partner's ex was claiming single parent pension while being in a relationship and living with my partner. She has stated so in her responding affidavit. Are we allowed to send this document to Centrelink as evidence for fraud? Cheers
  4. S

    WA Am I Liable for Conviction if Partner Committed Fraud?

    My partner may have committed fraud against Centrelink by claiming the single parent pension while we were together. Am I liable for any conviction? And what would happen if she states that I knew and went along with it?
  5. B

    SA Property Settlement - Is Ex-Wife Entitled to My Workcover?

    My wife and I have separated. I have a workcover pay out coming my way for injury and she's trying to take me to the cleaners. Although we have been separated but not legally divorced for 12 months, she has been claiming single parent pension for the last three years. My question is, is she...
  6. M

    WA Family Law - Case Information and Affidavit for Family Court?

    My ex-partner has (via legal aid) initiated the proceeding in regards to our 4-year-old son. The first family court date is 12 February 2016. I wasn't served the paperwork until 3 February. I am representing myself as I am a single mother receiving the Single Parent Pension and as he is getting...
  7. C

    QLD Can I File for Bankruptcy?

    My ex husband and I have a mortgage that isn't being paid. The house is currently on the market. Ex was the sole income earner and left the household and all the bills behind. I am now on a single parent pension and full time carer of my 2 children. Just wondering if, I can file for bankruptcy?
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    WA Application for De Facto Spouse Visa 'Same Sex Couple'

    I am currently in a de facto relationship, we have been living together in a de facto relationship for 8 months. I am on a single parent pension from Centrelink. We want to apply for a partner visa in 4 months but is me being on a pension going to affect our application? Thanks - Any other help...