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The Immigration Department of Malaysia (Malay: Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) is a department of the Malaysian federal government that provides services to Malaysian citizens, permanent residents and foreign visitors. The department is responsible for issuing passports, travel documents, visas, passes and permits; administering and managing the movement of people at authorised entry and exit points; and enforcing immigration legislation including the Immigration Act 1959/63 and the Passport Act 1966. The department is a section of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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    WA Incorrect Information on Current Visa

    I’m currently here in Australia on the first year of my 417 Working Holiday Visa with plans to apply for my 2nd year visa in April and by April 2020 I plan to have submitted my application for a partner visa (820) as I am in a defacto relationship with an Australian. I’m already looking ahead...
  2. A

    QLD Queries on My Australian Citizenship Application?

    Hi there. I am a permanent resident and my Australian citizenship eligibility is in Feb 2017. The thing is, I married overseas in my country of birth in Oct 2015 and I applied for my wife's spouse visa overseas in Dec 2015 via paper based application in the Australian Embassy in my country of...
  3. M

    ACT Will Australian Citizenship Be Refused Because of Criminal Record?

    Hi guys, Does the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) refuse to grant Australian citizenship if the person has a criminal record?
  4. P

    VIC Australian Citizenship Act - Discretionary Decision to Cease Citizenship?

    Does declaring marriage to an Irish national signed in Melbourne in 1999 which automatically bestowed Irish post nuptial citizenship on that day satisfy Section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 to cease Australian citizenship? Without allegiance sworn to Ireland or residency in...
  5. T

    Am I still Eligible to Apply for 189 Visa Australia?

    Hello. This is my profile Bach of Engineering (2006) I.T. employment - 2006 -2008 (2 years) Masters degree in Australia - 1.5 years (2009 -10) Non-I.T. work experience - approx 2 years (2011-12) Unemployed from 2013 until now Recently got Australian Computer Society's positive skills...
  6. N

    Visa Still Valid - Contact Department of Immigration?

    Dear Sir / Madam, I recently got an invitation for 189 visa on June 5 2015. Currently I hold bridging visa for 573, Masters. My 485 visa ended on May 22 2015. While lodging my 189 visa on 4th page she got an error showing that I should contact the Department of Immigration and that I have...
  7. S

    NSW Department of Immigration - Do They Contact Previous Migration Agent?

    Hi, I have recently sponsored my Fiance on a Tourist Visa Subclass600, we used a Migration Agent that were absolutely useless dealing with our application but after a frustrating 10 months the Visa was approved and she spent 3 months here. We are now wanting to submit a Prospective Marriage...
  8. T

    QLD Getting Information from Department of Immigration?

    Hi everyone! Im a bit annoyed right now, after spending nearly two hours on the phone to the Department of Immigration, being on hold and being fobbed off :( I am here on a student visa and am in the application process for a partner visa. My children are still included on my ex's 457 visa, as...
  9. N

    NSW Nepal Earthquake - Can We Bring Mother to Sydney?

    I am a 485 visa holder, I am on a dependent visa. Me and my 2 sisters are in Sydney. My elder sister is in 485 visa as well, primary applicant and is planning to move to regional NSW, Dubbo. My younger sister is studying bachelor of accounting at one of the leading universities, Sydney campus...
  10. J

    NSW Carer Visa Help for Australian Citizen?

    I have Australian citizenship. I have been 3 but 2 children with special needs as both have autism and one of them is my daughter with severe autism and young baby 2years old. I have no family in Australia and recently separated from their father. I want to ask that can I sponsor my cousin in...