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Immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country. Strictly speaking, it is distinct from other matters such as naturalization and citizenship, although they are often conflated. Immigration laws vary around the world, as well as according to the social and political climate of the times, as acceptance of immigrants sways from the widely inclusive to the deeply nationalist and isolationist. Countries frequently maintain laws which regulate both the rights of entry and exit as well as internal rights, such as the duration of stay, freedom of movement, and the right to participate in commerce or government.National laws regarding the immigration of citizens of that country are regulated by international law. The United Nations' International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights mandates that all countries allow entry to their own citizens.

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  1. A

    ACT Immigration law

    How many points should I have to immigrate to ac
  2. K

    NSW mother and children born Australia father deported to new Zealand demanding visitation

    hi ok so long story but here goes I split with with 2 childrens father about 8 years ago due to his violence he had limited contact with the kids after that due to his drug use and constant issues with police about 8 years ago he found out where we lived and did a home invasion on the house...
  3. D

    NSW Newbie need helps please?

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here, looking for helps please? I got this case, I went to some agents and solicitors but they got me more confused. So I hope you all can lend me some advice please? Many thanks in advance. Case ; X met Z. X is Citizen Oz. Z is Bridging A, under Z’ ex. The Ex is...
  4. S

    VIC Regarding clause 309.222

    Dear.. My name is Samah and I'm married to an Australian Citizen. Our marriage is recognized under the Australian law,however I am currently not living in Australia nor do I have an Australian residency. My husband and I are separated So he withdrew his sponsorship from my spouse visa to...
  5. K

    How to save marriage when wife's family influence/force for divorce

    Hi Lawyers, We both were in relationship from 2010, married in 2017 and were lived together almost 3 years under a roof before our marriage. Her parents were against the marriage because of caste and community issue. In 2018, she went to Australia and on student visa and stated her self...
  6. HazelSmith

    QLD Applying for Partner Visa for a Third Time?

    My friend who is 59 years old begins a long distance online relationship with a 28 years old lady boy from the Philippines. They met in person once and his trans g/f stayed for a month with him on a visitor visa. On his records, he already sponsored his first wife from Fiji in 1994 and his...
  7. L

    Working Remotely in Australia While on Visitor Visa?

    This is probably a bit of a grey area, but is it legal to work as a freelancer for an overseas company while in Australia on a visitor visa? Neither the employer or the payment is in Australia, so technically, it's not working in Australia any more than someone checking a work email or taking a...
  8. J

    QLD New Bill for Deportation Under Immigration Law?

    Hi all, I just find out that a bill got voted last year in October. "Under the bill, anyone convicted of an offence punishable by at least two years in prison could have their visa cancelled — regardless of whether they were jailed for less time, or not jailed at all." Does that mean you get...
  9. J

    WA Incorrect Information on Current Visa

    I’m currently here in Australia on the first year of my 417 Working Holiday Visa with plans to apply for my 2nd year visa in April and by April 2020 I plan to have submitted my application for a partner visa (820) as I am in a defacto relationship with an Australian. I’m already looking ahead...
  10. N

    VIC Obtaining Permanent Residency with an Intervention Order?

    Afternoon all, Just wondering where this would sit with immigration law and obtaining permanent residency. Generally, if someone took out an intervention order after having their spousal visa cancelled, then subsequently withdrew the IVO for a place of an undertaking. I know an IVO can help...