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  1. J

    Tax on Working Holiday visa

    Hello, I am under a WHV (subclass 417) and i started farm work (specified to get a second year visa) a few weeks ago. I noticed that there is no tax on my pay slips. So i asked my manager and he says it is normal for the TFN declaration i have signed. I asked him a picture of it, and it shows...
  2. Q

    QLD DUI First Offence - What to Do?

    I have some queries regarding a DUI I received. I had a BAC of 0.061 and this was my first ever offence (I was coming out of the race track and everybody had to blow). I am a 32 years old Canadian (the limit is 0,08 in Canada I didn't know I was breaking the law) on a working holiday visa doing...
  3. M

    VIC De Facto - Ex is Trying to Register New Relationship?

    My ex-fiancé and I were in a de facto relationship and still are, according to our Centrelink details. Our breakup was very recent and we haven’t finished sorting out how to separate our property and we are still on a lease together at the moment. We separated due to his affair with his very...
  4. D

    QLD Minimum wage (no contract)

    Hi there, I'm a french citizen and I have a working holiday visa which allows me to work unlimited hours in Australia. I found a job in Gold Coast in a restaurant but I'm only paid 16/hr. I don't have any contract and my working schedule changes every week. I usually do between 10 and 20 hrs...
  5. S

    NSW What Visa Should My Cousin Apply For?

    Hi What sort of visa can my cousin apply for to return to Australia and pick up his Nursing Registration? I would be grateful for any comments and or assistance. Current situation and resolution sought Long story short, my cousin is a Chinese citizen in Hong Kong, completed his degree in...
  6. Cnuck

    NSW Employment Contract - What to Do When Employer Rescinds Offer?

    Hi, I recently moved to Sydney (from North America) after securing employment here. I signed an employment contract with the employer (they signed it too) that included all the usual details (start date, salary, probationary period, notice, etc.) about a month before coming over. A week before...
  7. K

    SA No Payment of Salary

    Hi all, I had been working at a company in Adelaide, SA for under a year in 2015. It was small "company" that only had the employer, myself, and a few helping hand. I was originally working there as part of my visa scheme as well, as they said they would sponsor me for a work visa (I was on a...
  8. N

    VIC Driving Without a Drivers Licence - Consequences?

    Hey, I am from Germany on a working holiday visa in Australia. I was here with my girlfriend and we bought a car. Anyway, she needed to leave because her grandpa is going to die soon. I do not have a drivers licence. I start work this Sunday and need to go from Melbourne to Shepparton and I...
  9. M

    VIC Registration of Relationship on Student Visa?

    Hi there, I have been on a student visa since Feb 2015. Before I was a student in Australia, I had been on a working holiday visa where I met my partner. We have been in a de facto relationship since December 2013. We are now applying for the partner visa and to strengthen our application have...
  10. N

    WA Pay taxes, but no protection... HELP!

    Hello, I’m desperately seeking some advice. In February 2014, I was working in WA on a 457 Visa for an Engineering and Construction Company Forge Group. I had been working for them for almost 3 years, and was paying taxes in accordance with law, which was i believe 45% of my earnings. The...