Custody of Children - What To Do About Lawyer's Inappropriate Actions?

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5 May 2015
Hello, I am going through the maintenance and custody of children hearing at the moment. Cannot afford the full time family lawyer, but I paid one to have a consultations regarding the process, and to help me to prepare the papers. He is older guy, who claims himself as a Christian unexpectedly, at the end of my consult, (after I paid money in advance) he told me that Jesus loves me, that he will pray for me and offered me a hug with a 'prayer', while grabbing my butt. I pulled off with a confused smile, said that I have to go and left.

I am shocked! What to do about this lawyer behaviour? What to say? I already paid him nonrefundable fee $1000. I have no time left to find another lawyer. Please give me practical help: how to act, what to say, without pissing him off and give him a reason to harm me some way. Hence he knows a lot of details about my divorce ect.

I have no evidence to prove what he did, and I have to see him again in order to prepare the papers, or loose $1000? I wish to get out of it without further drama or complication.



Hi Riki,

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience, its totally not cool. I suggest you contact the law society / legal services commissioner of the state that you are in and report what he did. They may be able to assist you to get a refund of what you paid. Making a complaint - Law Society of NSW this is the nsw site.

Otherwise if you can tolerate going back to him and just get through your divorce hearing, then report him to the legal services commissioner.
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