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Property Settlement
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    QLD Using Clause 6.2 REIQ contract

    Just wondering whether anyone is familiar with the new changes to Qld's property contract, Clause 6.2, which allows either party to delay settlement by 5 days. My conveyancer's law firm seems to have business dealings with the seller which I worry may be hindering negotiations over my...
  2. B

    property settlement FVO

    Hi Quick question, If I may, Ex has left house permanently, I have asked my solicitor, his solicitor, and the police for the all keys and remotes pertaining to the still jointly owned property, which I have exclusive rights to in consent orders, no one has actioned or even acknowledged this, how...
  3. J

    WA property purchase agreements, major dispute.

    feeling helpless at the moment concerning a property that we are meant to purchase. In May 2020, we entered into a lease contract with the agreement to purchase the property. In August 2020, we finalised the sale through an offer and acceptance contract that allowed 24 months for purchase. The...
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    Can I go straight to family court for property settlement

    I have no faith my ex will negotiate on our financial agreement. He’s been delaying 6 months and initially said he thought it would be super fair if I got 57% as I have no income 3 young children etc. he doesn’t see my current and future needs are far higher than his and the disability of one...
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    Property settlement/consent orders application Q

    Hi. This is somewhat following up from a previous thread that had been extensively discussed here: Filing for property matters - question on date of divorce Long story short, at the final hour, my ex, her solicitor and I (self representing on the matter) came to an agreement in principle about...
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    VIC Delaying property settlement

    Hello again Thank you for responses so far, they have been very helpful. My question today is, My solicitor sent ex a letter of proposal for property settlement, respond within 14 days. She has spoke with ex, only to advise he will now be applying for a disability pension, how is this even...
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    VIC Property settlement

    Hello My husband and I separated under one roof for last 12mths, it's a terrible situation, wouldn't recommend it. As last resort I have sought legal help, my solicitor has sent 1st letter of a fair proposal, giving 14 days to respond, that time is up, and he has ignored the letter, what...
  8. E

    Help, court order transalation on property settlement after divorce

    We had two investment properties to be sold, but at the time it would have not covered the mortgage as such so waited for market improvement. Property 1. Purchase inc fees $319,000 Sold inc fees are $283000 Loss = 34k Principal paid on loan $79,000, property was positive geared Property 2...
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    VIC asset pool property settlement

    Hi My ex and I have separated under one roof, its been 12 mths and he is still delaying property settlement. He has his own business, a tattoo parlour. He only accepts payment in cash, which enables him to keep most of his earnings by not declaring it in his tax return. I think he also has a...
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    VIC Property settlement

    married 30 years, separated under one roof , family home in joint names, all other assets in his name 3 x boats, Tattoo business, jestski, Motor bikes, holiday dwelling, he's hiding and selling assets. I have been trying to fairly negotiate for last 12mths, he has stone walled me as he...