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Nicola Maree Gobbo (born 16 November 1972, Melbourne) is an Australian former criminal defence barrister and police informant.

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    Comedy Web Series about Lawyer

    Hi all! Letting you know about the new comedy web series, "Baby, It's Just Business". It's about a masculine female lawyer who wants to have a baby. Oh, and she carries a really big gun! Check it out and share: Thanks!
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    QLD Would a court or solicitor even entertain this?

    Hi - interested in the chances of my ex forcing a change to our current parenting plan or worst. My ex and I separated from a relationship just over 18 months ago. We finalised the settlement and parenting plan (not custody - but logged with courts) early this year. Since separation we have...
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    QLD Lawyer Behaviour - Made an Enquiry to Lawyer Undertaking Other Party's Case?

    Hello. Very glad that I found this forum! Nice to e-meet you all. I had a dispute while ago that I was looking into. Basically, I got in touch with multiple firms to get this matter looked at to find right firm. During the process of resolving the dispute, I found out one of the law firm that...
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    ACT Law Society Committee Speech?

    Hey guys... This is probably a dumb question, but can anyone help me by explaining what it means to give a "positioning statement"? I have to give one to my universities law society as I have applied to be apart of the committee. If you can please tell me (what it is) as well as what I should...
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    NSW Unsatisfactory Lawyer Behaviour from Other Party - What to Do?

    Hi. I commenced a litigation against my ex last year as she had concealed her true income to the Child Support Agency for the last 10years. Initially her lawyer made contact with my lawyer to discuss negotiation outside of family court. However he then went quiet and did not correspond or...
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    WA Lawyer Behaviour - Can Lawyer Discuss Your Case to Another Lawyer?

    Hi guys, another question. Lawyer A is looking after these charges, Lawyer B is looking after separate charges. Can Lawyer A contact Lawyer B, without your permission and discuss that case, even though they are completely separate and in different courts? And Lawyer A's case has nothing to do...
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    TAS Expected Lawyer Behaviour for Client Who is in Prison?

    Hi there, Client is 4 months already in prison, various charges mainly driving offences & drugs. A paid lawyer had not once visited to consult with the prisoner and the lawyer at times has not turned up to court or informed the prisoner of upcoming court appearances. My question is, what...
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    NSW Is It Possible to Make a Complaint About Lawyer Behaviour?

    Is it possible to make an official complaint about a lawyer behaviour? My ex-husband's lawyer shared personal information with him from a previous case involving me (she was defending the person taking me to court). That case was discontinued but I'm aware she discussed it with my ex-husband...
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    QLD What to Do with Unsatisfactory Lawyer Behaviour?

    My lawyers have overlooked settlement offers which have made them lapse, twice. They have not forwarded me information that I have requested and am entitled to. They have overlooked an offer that would have avoided a claim lodgement had I been aware of the offer. They take up to three weeks to...
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    QLD How Do I Dispute a Charge from a Solicitor?

    I recently sought legal advice over a contract being terminated. I gave all the information I had already researched to the lawyer. She told me she didn't know about business or commercial law but she would give me a quote for her to research the matter. I then received an $800 invoice for a 20...