VIC criminal or civil offence

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18 February 2020
I have done alot of investigating over the last year to try and find the truth.
This incident happened in 2014, Vic.
I now feel this may be a criminal matter but not sure if this maybe a civil matter.

I have hospital records that my older sister stated to hospital staff that she held an Enduring Power of Attorney over our mum, hospital have told me that they don't keep a record of the EPOA.
I have paperwork that sister was in liquidation from a failed business and lost her home.
Sister's defacto partner was also part of the liquidation and had a court case pending but the petition was withdrawn due to payment.

Mum's retirement unit was sold off just before court case and Older sister and defacto partner all of a sudden had all this money to start up this new business which is the same as previous Liquidated Business.
I am unable to get Bank Records regarding where the money went, or i just haven't asked the right questions.

I am hoping someone here can help/advise me.