disability support pension

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A disability pension is a form of pension given to those people who are permanently or temporarily unable to work due to a disability.

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    NSW Notice to Vacate for Tenants with Four-Year Lease?

    My wife has a disability support pension and I have a carer pension. We are renting a house in Sydney. We moved into the current property as tenants in June 2015. On the lease application I was asked to state the desired tenancy term for which I stated 4 years. The application was accompanied...
  2. Z

    NSW How to Take Department of Housing to Court?

    I have been diagnosed with depression since 2005, and I have seen 3 psychiatrists where I tried a few medications . In 01/02/2016, I ran into a problem with the landlord. I stopped paying rent for 2 weeks, so he gave me an eviction letter. So I contacted the Department of Housing (Housing NSW)...
  3. M

    NSW Getting Back Some of Property Settlement Money?

    Dear Lawanswers, Two years ago, I was in a position where the partner I had of 16 years became violent, had been abusive and controlling for 16 years, so I asked him to leave the house I bought after selling my own house in Sydney to buy one on 25 acres on mid-north coast. I was not happy as...
  4. D

    QLD Being Sued for Overseas Debt Dispute - What to Do?

    I have been working overseas in Indonesia for a property management company and have ended up in a debt dispute between a client and which should be direct with the company that I was working for. The manipulative owner of the company owes me money also and I believe he owes the client money...
  5. B

    QLD Will TPD Insurance Claim Cancel Out My Other Claim?

    Hi all, I am on a disability support pension because of a work injury & I have claimed the TPD insurance on my superannuation; it was accepted. I am now claiming TPD on another superannuation I have found & was paying into at the time of my injury. Wile I am waiting for the outcome on this...
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    Pensions Paying for Aged Care - What Happens to Loan?

    I am 72 years of age, have severe Parkinson's disease, am a Viet Vet, and have no income or assets. I have a house shared with my wife. We are separating. I am going through the process of entering an aged care facility. My wife's wages precluded me from having a pension but once the separation...
  7. W

    VIC 5-Year De Facto Relationship - Am I Entitled to Anything?

    The short story is, I've been in a de facto relationship for 5 years. I own a house worth $300, 000 which I had when the relationship started. He has over half million Superannuation portfolio, some of which were proceeds from houses he sold while I was with him, and proceeds from workcover...
  8. J

    SA Seeking Provision for Mother's Deceased Estate?

    I live in Adelaide; all my family live in Sydney. I have been in contact with Legal Aid in SA, and they advised I would need to seek advice in NSW. My parents sought Property Settlement, which was ruled on and settled several years ago. My father passed away in 02/16 and my mother 05/16. My...
  9. C

    QLD Partner on Disability Support Pension - How to Get Divorce?

    My partner has been separated from his wife for more than 20 years. There is no property, assets or accumulated debts, and the only child of the marriage is now 22. My partner is on a disability support pension and we are wondering what he needs to do and the cost involved in getting a divorce...
  10. J

    NSW Wife Didn't Leave a Will - How to Get Letter of Authority?

    A quick question if I may. My wife was admitted to 3 different hospitals from November 2015 until her death at the 3rd hospital in March 2016 (Dubbo Base, RPAH in Sydney & the John Hunter in Newcastle.) I want a copy of her full medical records to try & find out who was responsible for the...