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No Offence is a British television police procedural drama on Channel 4, created by Paul Abbott. It follows a team of detectives from Friday Street police station, a division of the Manchester Metropolitan Police (a fictional version of the Greater Manchester Police). The series stars Joanna Scanlan as the protagonist, Detective Inspector Viv Deering. The first series focuses on the team's investigation into the serial murders of young girls with Down syndrome. As of 2018 it had been renewed for two further runs. The second series of seven episodes began broadcasting on 4 January 2017, and follows the investigation into Manchester crime boss Nora Attah (Rakie Ayola). It was filmed on location in Manchester.In the UK, the first episode of No Offence launched with 2.5 million viewers, Channel 4's biggest midweek drama launch for more than three years. Although subsequent episodes lost overnight viewers, dropping as low as 1.2 million, the weekly consolidated series average remained at 2.5 million and finished 47% up on Channel 4's slot average. In France, the first episode of No Offence aired on 29 February 2016 on France 2 and was watched by 5.46 million viewers, 20.4% of the TV audience. The next three episodes were shown back-to-back that evening and together achieved an average 4.6 million viewers, 19.3% of the TV audience.A third series was confirmed in July 2017. Filming took place in Manchester in March 2018 and it began broadcasting on 13 September 2018. The six-episode series has a political focus, with the main storyline following the attempted murder of a local politician by a far right group. On 19 October 2018, Paul Abbott stated in an interview that he had begun working on ideas for a potential fourth series.

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  1. ivy.prayer2020

    Is the offence serious in Victoria? Which category is this fall under?

    I recently found this online. it is intersting to know your view: last year I reported anonomously a wrong suspicious activity(tip off) over a health profession and his patience to the department of health claiming that he has provided prescribed medication to his patience without checking and...
  2. D

    NSW Shoplifting at Coles, recurred offence. I am really desperate

    I really do need immediate help. Anyone. Please. I have a history of mental disorders, and have been shoplifting a number of times (more than 5) at my local coles. I got caught yesterday by a lady in plain clothes. She came chasing after me and demanded me to give her my bag with stolen goods(...
  3. Era0407

    NSW WWCC Section 2 Offence

    Hello, My husband is going through the ultimate nightmare where there was an allegation made against him (not sexual but a domestic violence charge) and he was initially charged with a Section 2 offence which has cause a Bar on his WWCC. This offence is going to be downgraded and he is now most...
  4. S

    NSW 1st offence coles shoplifting

    In May 2021 my sister was caught shoplifting at a Coles in Sydney. 2 apparent loss prevention officers took her into a back room and closed the door. She is disabled with MS and mental health issues and a survivor of several sexual assaults so thia was very scary. She admitted instantly to...
  5. J

    QLD Speeding infringement Offence

    Hi, I got a speeding fine of doing 130km/h in a 110km/h zone. Officer said he got me at 128 but I got to 130k. Just agreed as I was caught so not an issue. Tho on the infringement I have been fined for offence - Exceed speed limit in speed zone by more than 20km/h but not more than 30km/h -...
  6. F

    NSW Police upgrading speeding offence

    Police pulled me over and stating the exchange was recorded and said "I've got you at 101km/hr" and shows me that reading on his gun. I was in a 60km/hr zone. Next thing I know rego plates have come off and he issues me with a penalty notice that says "over 45 km/hr, estimated", 6 months...
  7. Chris A1AA

    VIC Is that legal to post a group chat history in my case?

    Hi, Is that legal to post a blog online of a group chat conversation history? The group chat consists of 450+ people. Anyone in this group can invite any others to join the group without the group manager's permission, and most of the people in this group are strangers to each other. The group...
  8. Skateboard

    VIC Corporations Act offence

    If an employee obtains a corporate key and without permission nominates himself as the director of a company and removes other director and alters company information , an offence is committed under the Corporations Act but who investigates the offence and charges the employeee?
  9. B

    What counts as a "criminal conviction" in the character requirement portion of temporary visa applications?

    Hey everyone, I'm really confused as to how I'm supposed to answer the question about if I've ever been convicted of an offence for a 600 visa. I'm from the US, and I've never had any misdemeanors or felonies. However I have had a traffic ticket and a ticket for drinking on the beach, both of...
  10. V

    NSW Is this search warrant vaild.

    A friend who had a search warrant executed. The offence on the warrant was mistyped. So they offence listed on the warrant a common law offence does not exist. Does this mean the warrant was invaild. Thanks Veron