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    QLD Out of time - do I submit a statement of claim after misconduct tribunal?

    Hi Everyone, I've got a unique situation. I believe I am entitled to compensation due to somebody breaching their duty of care to me but the 3 year limitation period comes up next week and I'm yet to lodge a statement of claim with the court. I'm comfortable I satisfy all the elements to pursue...
  2. M

    VIC My ex gave away my stuff

    hello, My daughters father suggested I store my excess furniture and business stock (I do home staging) at his house. He has a garage and storage room. I needed to store things like chairs, tables, cushions etc as I was moving home. I stored around $5000 worth of stuff at his house. On Xmas...
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    VIC How to Introduce Voice Recording and Its Transcript as Evidence?

    Generally speaking, in civil law proceedings that involve with Family law Act and Defamation Act, what is the correct way for either party to introduce voice recording as well as its transcript as evidence? I understand that generally speaking audio recording as evidence is a tricky one, but...
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    QLD Dog Attack with Civil Claim for Negligence?

    Hi everyone, Before I begin on the situation, I understand there is going to be a lot of controversy about what should happen and I only ask you to keep your minds open. I am not here to be shamed, only for opinion. About six months ago, my dog was declared as dangerous as he jumped the fence...
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    NSW I have been Scammed - Civil or Criminal?

    This question is on behalf of my female friend. The question is whether this scenario is considered a civil wrong or a criminal offence.. Or not illegal? My friend was online recently, She was approached by someone, for this scenario his name is "Fred" and her name is "Lea" Fred offered her...
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    QLD Harassment - What are My Civil Rights?

    I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. There has to be someone on here who has endured similar harassment to what I have for over three months. I live alone in a townhouse and one of the neighbours, whose unit backs onto mine, has relentlessly stalked me from an upstairs bedroom...
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    WA Police won't return stolen/recovered motorbike

    Any kind of advise would be really appreciated. I'll jump straight into it. Background Around April 2017 I had my vintage Yamaha XT250 stolen from the front yard of my house in Fremantle, WA. On February 26th 2018 I received a calling card from WA Police to contact an officer. On February...
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    QLD Is the Situation a Civil Law or Criminal Law Matter?

    My nephew purchased some furniture about 4 months ago and got it under finance through their house finance company. One of the procedures for the in house finance was that in order for the furniture company to get paid, he had to give the furniture company a 4 digit PIN number which was...
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    Civil law information

    Where will i find information to file a civil law suit or defimantion of charactor law suit which includes minors
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    WA No win no fee litigation lawyer

    Hi, Does anyone know no win no fee civil litigation lawyer in Perth? Thanks, RT