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  1. C


    I received a letter from EPA in March regarding my car being noisy from a few complaints from a neighbour I had the cars exhaust system checked at an RT A approved centre came back at 93 which was 3 above the Recommended level I had an adjustment made to the muffler system and had the test...
  2. C

    TAS Is Signed Enduring Power of Attorney Illegal?

    Legality of EPA over my sister. I live in Hobart & my sister in Brisbane. She is 71, of limited mental capacity & is easily swayed by others. She has 2 friends whom I shall call 'M' & M's boyfriend 'B'. B is a taxi owner. They both lived with her for 9 months about 12 years ago, while their...
  3. xxshellsxx

    SA Executor of Will Sold Inheritance Without Consent - Options?

    Hello. My father died in September 2012. In his Last Will and Testament, my father left the rest of his estate (residuary estate) to both my brother and myself equally. My dad appointed his daughter, from a relationship prior to marrying my mother (related by genetics only really as my Dad's...
  4. K

    VIC How to Appeal EPA Infringement Notice?

    Hi, I got an EPA Infringement notice this past week with the offense being depositing burning litter. The offense was dated 12/10/16, issued on 14/10/16 and I have now only just received it. Information of offense: Driver deposited lit cigarette butt from vehicle onto roadway. I was on this...
  5. Les Laub

    SA EPA - Right to Cook Food in the Open?

    In South Australia, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made it an offence to light a fire in an outdoor fireplace for the purpose of cooking your food from November to May. This sort of ruins things for scouts cooking sausages on a stick or putting potatoes in the embers. It also...
  6. M

    WA EPA Misusing Mother's Money - What is the Public Guardian's Role?

    I am worried that my sister, being EPA is misusing my mother's money. What is the Pubic Guardian's role? Can they do an investigation? Is this costly as I am on a low-income health care card?
  7. T

    NSW What to Do about Neighbours' Frequent Noise Pollution ?

    I was hoping for some help... Kind of a long story but I will only list the main events. Also please excuse my typing, I did this on my iPhone. Anyways we are owner occupiers living in a free standing property who since moving in about four months ago have been experiencing problems with noisy...
  8. S

    NSW Neighbour Reporting to Council about Noise Pollution

    Hi guys, could use some info on this matter. I own a small transport company that deals with shipping containers. Late last year, I bought a block of land in an Industrial area zoned 4C. We applied for our D.A (which I'm not sure why we need one as we're not building but only storing an odd...
  9. M

    VIC Construction Noise Pollution - Options If Tenant Wants to Move?

    I need legal information about a property I have. My tenant wants to move out due to the noise pollution from a construction site opposite it. I don't know if I will be able to re-tenant it because of the construction which is going to take 12 months. I can not afford to leave it vacant. Is...