NSW X partners property still at my house and have a AVO

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18 January 2020
My X partners property is still in my garage and I would really like it to be removed at the moment I have an interim AVO which includes clauses 1 and 9 so he can not come within 50 metres of my house where his property is.

My question is -

Can I ask him to get one of his family members to come and collect the items?
If he says no,
Can I then pack it up myself and have it delivered to him via a removalist or a friend/family member of mine?

I just want his things gone so I feel like I can move forward and they are taking up half my garage which I want to clean and decorate for my daughters birthday next month


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27 September 2015
I had an avo on me.
I went to the police station and asked if they could help me get my stuff. They called the ex and a time was agreed and the cops came with me. Maybe contact the police and ask if they can contact the ex to negotiate.