NSW x partner saying i provided evidence i didn't

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18 January 2020
The police had served my x partner with an AVO as he broke into my house and stole my laptop intimidated me and sent intimidating and insulting emails to me. I did provide the emails to the police after I found out my x had made reports about myself and my family to FACTS who then investigated myself and family and found these reports unsupported and unsubstantiated so matter was dropped by FACTS I was cleared and sent a letter to this effect.
My x partner decided to contest the AVO and when he returned to court to provide evidence against having the AVO take he was told by his solicitor that the police had informed him that they had evidence from me that claimed he was selling drugs out of the house we shared prior to the AVO. I admit that my x and I did take some drugs together never when the children were home but yes we had done this together I never told the police that my x sold drugs from the house because he didn't sell drugs from the house or anywhere else he now is saying I'm a dog and I have tried to convince him that what they have claimed is not true but he just keeps telling me I'm a liar. His solicitor had shown him all the evidence I had given to the police and he said he had not seen this evidence but believed what his solicitor has told him. Can I go to the police and ask them why that was said? I have asked him to ask his solicitor for the evidence but won't reply to me any more because he is convinced what he has been told is true. Also when I spoke to the DV Liasion Officer she told me a completely different story and that she spoke to his solicitor about the AVO saying that she asked him why he would not just accept the AVO because I had changed the conditions on it so he could have contact with our children and that I just did not want him to come to my house so only has conditions 1 and 9 on the AVO. I just don't understand how they could have evidence when I have not provided it. My x partner does have a criminal record for cultivation from when he was in his very early 20's but he is now 42 and the second time I spoke to the police about him breaking into my house and taking my laptop asked me if he was still dealing drugs which I was a little shocked by but I said no and never said anything more about it at least not to me


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27 September 2015
what do you care? he is your ex. Dont get involved.
Sure you can go to the cops. They wont answer your questions. If he believes you dobbed him in GOOD go with that. Move on with your life.