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Reference is a relationship between objects in which one object designates, or acts as a means by which to connect to or link to, another object. The first object in this relation is said to refer to the second object. It is called a name for the second object. The second object, the one to which the first object refers, is called the referent of the first object. A name is usually a phrase or expression, or some other symbolic representation. Its referent may be anything – a material object, a person, an event, an activity, or an abstract concept.
References can take on many forms, including: a thought, a sensory perception that is audible (onomatopoeia), visual (text), olfactory, or tactile, emotional state, relationship with other, spacetime coordinate, symbolic or alpha-numeric, a physical object or an energy projection. In some cases, methods are used that intentionally hide the reference from some observers, as in cryptography.References feature in many spheres of human activity and knowledge, and the term adopts shades of meaning particular to the contexts in which it is used. Some of them are described in the sections below.

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  1. Z

    NSW How to prove good character

    What is the best evidence I can provide the court I am remorseful of my actions (stealing) and that I am serious about looking into why I did what I did and ensuring that I want to improve myself. Would me participating in self development courses be helpful? What if I seek help from a life...
  2. T

    WA Choosing Character Names associated with Well-Known Characters

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in uni studying Creative Writing and am looking to start work on my first book, and I was hoping I could get a second opinion on something. Without giving too much away in regards to the story's premise, I'm trying to decide on the full name for a character who is...
  3. M

    NSW Character Reference - How Many Should I Get?

    How many character references should I get for an upcoming guilty plea/sentencing? And does the character reference need to be available to be contacted by the court on the day?
  4. M

    NSW deportation / avo / character reference

    The father of my daughter is currently in incarceration and due to be released November 12th 2017. Apparently he received notification that his visa was cancelled. He was given a 500pg document and 28 days to appeal. He is a New Zealand citizen, but has lived here since 1988. This is his 3rd...
  5. E

    Can Police Persecution Object to Character Reference?

    Solicitor says that character reference written by a police officer will be objected by the police prosecution in local court, is this true?
  6. C

    NSW First Offence DUI - Take Character Reference to Court?

    Hi, I was charged with DUI med range, first offence. I have been advised to attend court and represent myself. If I obtain some character references, do you have to present them to the court prior to the hearing date or just take them along with you? Thanks very much
  7. S

    NSW Is Character Reference Relevant in Family Court?

    Hi All, Is a character reference relevant in the Family Court? I have had many offers from people to give a statutory declaration on my character but also have been told they have to be in an Affidavit to be relevant. Thank you in advance.
  8. H

    Can Accused Offenders Seek Humiliation Damages?

    The accused killer of Stephanie Scott, a teacher killed in country NSW, is currently at trial. This morning, a reporter on the major national breakfast show Sunrise declared that details have emerged of the accused's online behaviour. He had apparently searched for Neo-Nazi propaganda and...
  9. Kathleen M

    VIC Good Tips for Writing a Character Reference for Court?

    I have a criminal law question - I have to write a character reference for my friend who is going to court for a theft / stealing charge in Melbourne. Can anyone pass on some good tips for writing a character reference for court?