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Sexual partners are people who engage in sexual activity together. The sexual partners can be of any number, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. The sexual partners may be in a committed relationship, either on an exclusive basis or not, or engage in the sexual activity on a casual basis. They may be on intimate terms (in which case they are often referred to as "lovers") or anonymous, as in the case of sex with a stranger, a one-night stand, or a prostitute. A person can be another person's sexual partner even if the sexual activity is illegal, socially taboo, or otherwise in breach of a trust or commitment. A person may have more than one sexual partner at any one time, either as polyamory, polygamy or in contravention of convention.The term sexual partner is usually applied to consensual sexual relations, not to those that are forced or result from duress, as in the case of r**e.
A sexual partner may or may not have equal power during a sexual activity; such sexual "roles" (which can sometimes be determined by personality type but can also be determined by a conscious choice by the individual to "assume" a particular "role") typically fall under various dominance/submission (D/s) categories.

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  1. JJ2022

    Can my ex's new partner be excluded from parenting arragements?

    We just separated and my kids don't want to spend time with his new partner. She was a secret affair, and they are 10, 12 and 14. So they feel a bit cheated on as well. She insists on being at every meeting with the kids. She walks 5 meters ahead of him to the meeting. He follows behind...
  2. JJ2022

    Do I have to force my 10, 12 and 14 year old to spend time with their alcoholic Dad and his new partner

    My 12 and 14 year old do not want to spend time with their Dad. He wants me to drop them off and make them go to his apartment with his new partner. They refuse. He has passed out in front of them, is addicted to alcohol, his partner is a drinker, they don't like her, and they refuse to get...
  3. S

    Under the award rate

    Hi, verbal agreement to work on a sugar farm. Farmer asked my partner to help him. Farmers wife also asked partner to help her husband. Partner helped for five years on & off ( no exchange of wages at all ). Then the verbal agreement was struck. We rented a house off them on the farm. He was...
  4. M

    NSW partner visa effect on my pension

    Can anybody explain the effect on my pension of my overseas partner coming to australia on a partner visa will her overseas pension/income be combined with my pension for income assessment ?
  5. R

    NSW Drug court

    My partner is currently in jail for sanctions through drug court and was meant to be released on the 1 at of July but they have put his release date back to the 5 th of August due to covid even though he has done his original two weeks for sanctions are they able to keep him in this long even...
  6. R

    VIC Getting partner to leave

    After 10 years, I am wanting to end my relationship (not married). My partner is strongly suspected of having Asperger's. We have two children together plus I have an additional three. Do I have any legal rights to get him to leave our home (we rent). No DV. Does have some narcissist signs. He...
  7. T

    Partner Visa - Sponsors Character fitness

    Hi everyone, My partner and I are about to submit our application for an onshore partnership visa. I am the sponsor and she is the applicant. We were comfortable with our application right up until re-reviewing the forms prior to pressing submit. There is a Domestic Violence question about...
  8. H

    WA Ex partner picking up kids from school

    Had original family court orders varied about a 6 times causing headaches and wasted time. Mainly to suit the mother as kids live with me. Most recent were for both parents to engage a 3rd party service to do handovers as there was a VRO in place. Since this has now expired it's been amended...
  9. P

    Partner visa query

    Hello Everyone, I need some expert advice for this. Application lodged for Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) - 17th September 2019 Received PR grant - 4th March 2020. I got married on 27th February 2020 and received PR grant a week after my marriage. I don't have any conditions attached on my PR...
  10. A

    NSW BVA from Tourist (600) to Partner visa (801) - Working right?

    Hi everybody, I have married my partner while she was on tourist visa. Except No Work condition, there was no other conditions on her visa, so she can now get a BVA and stay here until her Partner Visa is granted. Though, we are not sure if we apply for partner visa and get a BVA, whether it...