The Claytons Interstate Licence

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22 November 2015
A thought just came into my head the other day , or it was more like a question

Imagine hypothetically a bloke had been out enjoying himself around the year 2005 in Melbourne town , has a few too many sherbets blows 0.107 on a full licence and earns himself a 10 month suspension

But he doesn't feel the need to stop driving so he just uses his interstate business in SA to obtain an SA licence & keeps on driving whenever he is in Vict (almost every week) & the citylink tolls could indeed verify his mobility

Could this come back to bite him , if Wifey is spitting chips over his latest escapades ?

Is there a time limitations on getting charged for driving whilst suspended ?


Active Member
22 November 2015
Tony thanks , but this is back in 2005 remember & licence was suspended

, & back then if you had a full Vict licence no great shakes to get it back , just go to VicRodents no need for court order etc

The concern this bloke might have is that could he still be pinched by the hoppers for his 100 plus offences of driving whilst suspended if for
example a disgruntled Wifey or ex-employee etc was making noise

Tony Danos

LawTap Verified
29 November 2016
Short answer-No.
Anyway, there is a 12 month limit for these charges. So not a concern. Getting a restoration of Victorian license seems paramount but be careful as alcohol interlock laws have changed over the years.


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27 September 2015
you got away with it...
It was back in 2005? have you grown up even a little...
I'm not sorry to be blunt, but if you grow up you'll have fewer ex partners wanting to see you man up and accept responsibility for your behaviour.

Mate my parked care was damaged by an unlicenced / un-registered twit like you and as a result my insurance wasn't interested in helping cover the cost of the damage, neither was the twit who hit my car... And frankly, the reason why the fines / suspensions have increase so significantly since 2005 is because of twits like you who didn't feel the need to stop driving..

I'd like to see you re-write your thread so it shows that you have some remorse / regret or at least some understanding of how your choice of explaining the situation has contributed towards you coming across as a self entitled twit that should catch the bus for the safety of us all.

One more thing. Pls let wifey know about the family law forum on this site.. By the sound of things she could do with some good advice based on your 'latest escapades'