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VicRoads or the Roads Corporation of Victoria is a statutory corporation in the state of Victoria, Australia. In the state, it is responsible for driver licensing and vehicle registration, and regulating the accident towing industry in Victoria. It is part of the Department of Transport
Prior to July 2019, it was the road and traffic authority in Victoria, responsible also for maintenance and construction of the arterial road network, and road safety policy and research. These functions were transferred or delegated to the Department of Transport on 1 July 2019.The main VicRoads administration is located in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, on the site of the former Kew Railway Station, with other metropolitan offices in the Melbourne CBD, Burwood and Sunshine. Regional offices and Project offices are located in Geelong, Traralgon, Benalla, Bendigo and Ballarat, among others. In addition VicRoads operates many offices servicing the public in registration and licensing throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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    VIC Vicroads Lost My Paperwork?

    I was asked by Vicroads for a medical report and did so and faxed it the same day I saw my doctor. Months later I'm pulled over and told I'm suspended for no report. Once home I called Vicroads asap and they asked for the report again and I emailed it. They lifted the suspension the same day and...
  2. M

    VIC Can Vicroads gain access to Medical Records?

    Is Vicroads able to access medical records without a court order? or even consent for that matter? Why do they mail you a request for a medical assessment, that has to go Via you, to your doctor, he completes it, and then gives it back to you, and you have to forward it to Vicroads? I would...
  3. U

    VIC Seller Changed Car Engine - Getting Deposit Back?

    So I made a deposit of $1000 for a car and on the very next day got to know that the seller has put a new engine which he was hiding intentionally. So in other words, when I gave him the deposit, it had the original engine number (on VicRoads) and next day it's been changed (on VicRoads) which...
  4. N

    VIC Need help - Car Purchase Deal is Cancelled by Seller and not runding deposit. Please read and advice

    Hi Everyone, My name is Nikhil, I need advice on below matter. I was searching a used car for my personal use on a well known car selling website. I liked one Honda City car, So contacted the seller (Private Seller) and He gave me a time for inspection, I went and inspected the car, We agreed...
  5. M

    VIC Private Seller Selling Car on Behalf of His Wife?

    Hello. I liked a car listed on internet by private seller who lives in Victoria. Went through inspection, got it checked by mechanic, checked registration on Vicroads website, did PPSR check, and all came clear. After agreeing on the price with the seller, I came to know that family is moving...
  6. U

    VIC Uninsured Car Accident - What to Do?

    Hey there, I am currently traveling through Australia with my van. A few weeks ago, I caused an accident as I wanted to turn right on the outer lane of a 2 lane roundabout. Clearly I was at fault. I and the other driver R. decided to call the police, an officer came told us that it's my fault...
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    VIC Speeding Fines Due to Faulty Speedometer - What to Do?

    Hi The company I used to work for bought a company vehicle in January 2016 and after a few weeks started receiving speeding fines and was nominating me as the drive, and in April 2016 they bought it to my intention and told me of fines! I told the company owner to test the speedometer and...
  8. R

    VIC Driving While Suspended - What to Do?

    Ok this is kinda stupid but firstly, why the hell is driving while suspended considered a criminal offence? Now let's come to my situation where I didn't even know I was suspended from driving because I had no information from Vicroads about that. I got to know this only when cops pulled me over...
  9. R

    VIC Notice for Suspension of Drivers Licence Not Received - What Next?

    About 2 weeks ago I got pulled over by the police at around 4am. I was going to my friend's house to drop him after we finished work. They did a breath test and the results were negative. Then they asked for my drivers licence and told me that my drivers licence had been suspended and I can't...
  10. F

    VIC Vicroads - Should I Have Received a Letter for Traffic Infringement?

    Hello members. This is my first post. Excuse me for the length. Around a month ago, I inadvertently drove through a 40km/h school zone on a Melbourne road that is usually signed 70km/h and was caught by a police officer with a handheld speed detector. Annoyingly, I was on the way to the other...