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  1. T


    so the other night i was gassing it and noticed a cop stinger like 20 meters from it, the headlights were on and it was parked in the middle of the lanes. i was well over and the cop didnt do anything at all and so i was wondering what the deal is. do these stingers have cameras? am i getting a...
  2. IR44

    SA 2 Speeding Fines (<10KM) within 11mins of each other

    Firstly, not disputing the fact I was speeding. Do I have any recourse with getting one of the fines dropped. My question relates around 2 points: - Does SA have a similar position as VIC on multiple speeding fines in a short period, where opportunity is given to drivers to "positively alter...
  3. B

    QLD 12 mths 14 fines that I never received

    Hi, I went to renew my licence and was informed that I have 11 outstanding speeding fines. The reason I never received them is because my address was wrong on my licence and I'd never noticed it. My house number is 275A but the'A' was missing. Our neighbour, instead of simply putting any foriegn...
  4. J

    QLD Speeding to prevent being hit by a kangaroo. Do i have grounds to avoid fine?

    Hi so I was caught by a speed camera thats on the back of a trailer doing 94 on an 80 road. The road that I was on is notorious for roo's dashing out in front of cars especially at night( I've actually have had an encounter with them on the same stretch before and totalled my last car). I sped...
  5. T

    QLD Defective Infringement Notice - speeding

    Hi all, Hopefully this is a straight forward question. I got pulled over on the M1 and was told i was speeding. I denied that i was. I was breathalyzed and passed. It was 9.30am weekday so lots of traffic and hard to be speeding... especially 13km's over limit. I got given a ticket ($266...
  6. F

    SA Speeding Fines no signage

    Where do I stand after receiving an expiation notice for doing 58 in a 50 zone and there is no signage along the road whatsovever. The road is quite long and I would say a main road.
  7. Smiffy

    VIC Time limitation for speeding infringement?

    I've received an infringement notice for a speeding offence that was committed over a year ago (20 January 2018). The offence was for less than 10km over the limit ($198 fine); so it's probably not worth hiring a lawyer and spending time in court, but I'm wondering if it's legal; is there such a...
  8. J

    QLD Speeding Ticket information wrong

    Hello, I just got a speeding ticket for doing 83 in a 60. Didn't realize it wentwdown from 80 but I accept the fact I was speeding. I was looking over the ticket and saw a couple errors on it. 1st she did not write my license number or class just expiry date and country.... I am from Canada...
  9. J.boae

    WA Speeding Fines and Driving with Drugs - Help?

    Charged with driving with illicit prescribed drugs in oral fluids (Methamphetamine). Didn’t realise I would still be in my system. This was a one-off, took over Christmas as a very distressing time for me, and I thought it would numb the pain but I regretted the decision straight away. I've...
  10. J

    NSW Speeding fine - 30km - 45km - Guaranteed loss of licence?

    Hello Folks, I was pulled over by a police motorcycle and advised I was travelling between 30km-45km over the limit in a 70km zone. I haven't been pulled over for speeding in 14 years and was surprised I didn't receive a paper ticket, though he said the camera (pointing to his chest) was...