NSW Seeing a Psychologist Privately - Will It Affect My Career?

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New Member
29 June 2015
I would like to go see a psychologist / counsellor for pre-marital counselling but I'm worried this may affect me or my career as a teacher negatively in the future. Is this possible? Can it come up later down the track if I see a psychologist privately?


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi there,

Why are you worried it will affect your career? Due to stigma?

Going to a counsellor for relationship counselling sounds innocuous and I can't imagine why it would cause any issues for you if your colleagues or employer were to find out.

Regardless, mental disability is one of the protected attributes listed in Fair Work Act. This means that workplace discrimination on the basis of psychological illness is prohibited. If there is an adverse action against you on the basis of mental disability, you can take legal action. Adverse action includes demotion, dismissal and missing out on a position due to discrimination.

Have a look at this page on the Fair Work Ombudsman's website: Protection from discrimination at work – Employee entitlements – Fair Work Ombudsman